Zero Hour September 29th 2012


LOCATION: Over Klocked Gaming 11618 - 119 St Edmonton, AB

OFFICIAL TOURNAMENTS: Street Fighter IV AE 2012, Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3, Persona 4

SIDE GAMES: Super Street Fighter II HDR, Soul Caliber 5


1st-2nd-3rd = 60/30/10 of collected pot



12:00 pm registration

1:00 pm: Super Street Fighter II HDR

1:00 pm: Soul Caliber 5

2:00 pm: Super Street Fighter IV 2012

3:00 pm: Persona 4

3:00 pm: Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3


All games outside of smash bros games will be played on Xbox 360 with the exception of Persona 4

$10.00 entry for all games

All games are double elimination tournament

2 out of 3 games per match (UMVC3 Will be 3 out of 5)

3 out of 5 games grand finals

Venue FEE: $15.00


Obligatory “we in there”


Brad would you like to commentate Persona 4?


Okay sure, I would have to learn how to commentate though, lol.


You watch a match and then talk about it thats about it lol. Make sure to avoid uh yeah oh uh, and dirnking and eating in the mike and screaming on the top off yur lunges


Cool, got it


Anyone wanna money match tekken tag 2?


Smh when does the game come out. I now I wouldn’t mm dudes that are as good as B is in marvel. Your brother almost got out of pools and you got top 3 in almost every tournament we ever held. I may add the game in if it is released on time!


Gonna go pick up the game today!


So wonder if we are gonna see a smozzler vs duskbring MM !


Any chance I might be able to team up with Scrub Saibot for P4A commentary? I’m fairly confident I’ll be coming to this tournament one way or another.


loser shaves their head lol


I think there is a good chance that you and scrub can do the commentary i’d be interested to see any work you’ve =D

although I am wondering how active albertas P4 scene is their thread is fairly dead =s


Yeah, unfortunately the MM Alberta thread is pretty much dead. Killey still posts in the Narukami forums every once in a while but I know that with Guilty Gear fast approaching I’m not sure how focused him and the others are on P4A anymore. It’s unfortunate but I guess I can’t blame them.

There was a fighting game club that was recently approved at the U of C up here and it’s apparently gathering up a good following. It may be a little short notice but if I can get in contact with them I’ll see if I can pull some of them into coming down for this, whether it’s for P4A or something else. Personally I’ve been kinda eager to see some new people come in to the greater part of the local FGC.


In it to win it. No jamies allowed


I think Falken told me there was a doujin fighter scene in Edmonton… he mentioned some names but I don’t remember what they were.


wish i knew =s

ps Sticky plz


that scheduled reads… don’t show up til 3:30? =P
That tournament standard time…


What are you talkinh about? :S


yeah in TTT2,umvc3,and AE.