Zero mixup



So after 5 minutes in training mode with Zero, it looks like his strengths will be in mixup and not so much damage :shake: but that’s okay, because we’re going to figure out how to rape with him. So far, I’ve been trying to work on resets with his command dash. His command dash could be baroqued into a 2A, so in the middle of any ground combos, you can do a command dash and baroque the moment you cross the opponent up and hit them low, or fake them out and baroque just before you cross them up when they start anticipating it.

I feel like Zero has a lot of potential but I’m having trouble piecing it together, who’s got some ideas?


I haven’t gotten to in deep with Zero but I think he can turtle pretty well. He has two different projectiles that can charge at the same time. Be thrown out one after another. I was wondering if anyone know which moves his super effects. I know that it effects his projectiles but that’s about all I know bout that move.


His super affects most of of his specials like his fire uppercut move


What is considered good damage in terms of a combo without super? and what are we looking at damage wise with zero?


Without Baroque and assist, Zero can pull off 12,000 in a combo, when you combine the aforementioned he capable of about 15,000.

So here are some of zero’s tools on the rushdown

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The Ganeijin super is aslo DHC-able so in some instances you can use it to continue pressure. As noted before in the corner it is a beast.


Couple of things to keep in mind

-The B dive is unsafe on block, this includes when tiger knee’d
-The C version is safe, but Zero is left at a frame disadvantage.
-The A version (the fake) when tiger knee’d can let Zero land and go for a grab if the opponent tries to block, but he can also throw out a j.B before landing
-Zero’s charge shot seems to be more or less safe on block, unless it’s used at absolute point blank
-The install super gives him an after image that will double certain specials (Think Yang SA3). This makes tiger knee B dive safe, among other things, lasts for 10 seconds


Without assist/baroque, Zero can get between 15 and 16k but the average is about 12k for the general standing combo

jump in (or tiger knee) :snkc: divekick, :snkb: :d::snkb: :snkc: (1 hit ONLY) :df::snkc: :snka::snka::snkb::snkb: dj :snkb::snkb:, :snkc: shoryu
that’s about 16K

replacing the C dive kick with B xx B dive kick is a little more reliable (also allows you to airdash into your B) but nets you 15.5k


What’s up with Zero’s j.2c? I’m assuming its useful for “pretending” to cross-up?


well this might be useful as a mixup i just found out you can call your assist while your doing your command dash, preferably C. command dash since its leaving the ground then do another command dash , then dash forward or backward and you pretty much get the idea where im goin at lol


I don’t know if this is worth anything, but Zero has a slow starting air dash. There are some frames before he actually starts dashing where he is just floating there for a second. So, if you air dash but immediately hit an attack button, Zero will fall straight down with the attack instead of having any forward momentum. This means that you can IAD and cancel into an attack and you will fall right back in place for a low jump. Unfortunately, since the air dash must start before Zero can attack, the attack does not come out extremely fast. On the upside, the starting frames makes it look like Zero will dash.


B dive is unsafe yeah, but C dive is definitely advantage as far as I’ve been able to test. It’s basically like a jump in.

Can always cover B version with an assist though.


I was messing around in training and found something pretty nifty, sorry if this is already known.
After jumping over opponent, you can choose to make his j236B/C cross up, or not cross up.
It looks somewhat ambiguous cause you start the special at the same point in your jump, but can aim it either way.

jump, when directly over opponent >

  • 41236B/C, crosses up.
  • 412367B/C, doesn’t cross up.

vid demonstrating (really bad quality):
Don’t know if this would really be effective in matches, but I thought it looked pretty hilarious.

EDIT: I was messing around again, with some jump in mix ups using j214A (downward teleport).
Cancel j.C/j.2C with j214A before they hit, then go low/throw.
Or, as it’s been said you can cancel any hit of jC/j2C into his j236A/B/C. So you can use this with j214A here too, cancel any hit of it then go low/throw.
One set up that looks especially mean:
jC (blocked), j236A :
> falling j.A, combo… - high.
> j214A, throw/2A, combo… - low.