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Apparently a guy named “WhistleblowerZero”…a disgruntled Gamestop employee…made a 9 part series about how Gamestop is ripping off gamers.

If you can stand the fast narration, it’s a good listen.

"refurbished" sounds so hilariously evil now.

Watched it all, and after my Chrono Trigger reserve I’m done with Gamestop. It took me until just now to realize I can get way better prices online or just shopping around.


Ha, “…doesn’t look like ass!” then it showed Tila Tequila. :confused:

i liked it

fuck game stop.

Well, we did know Gamestop and all that jazz was garbage anyway. Good information, though.

eh…I’ve only seen the first episode of this so far…but I plan to watch the rest. So far this guy just sounds like he’s been working at the wrong gamestop…either that or gamestop must have teased him as a child.

One thing I will agree with so far…Yes I do think Gamestop rips off employees with trade in prices…but I don’t trade my games in so this doesn’t apply to me. I can’t outright tell customers that either since I actually work there and when I tell them how much they’re getting for it they’re like ‘FUCK THAT’ lol. I think experiences with gamestop are going to vary from place to place…it’s going to depend on the people that work there and if they really give a shit or not lol. My gamestop doesn’t have many customers returning games and what not cause when we look at the disk we do a thorough job of looking at the disk and we test the systems to make sure they work right then right there when we get them right in front of the customer regardless of who or how many people are in the store. I can’t speak for all the Gamestops though so if your gamestop isn’t up to snuff file some customer reports or something or i guess don’t give em your business to send them a message…which is what it seems that some of you are intending to do anyway lol.

Edit: after watching a bit more of this…this guy is right on a few more points though…lol

Edit2: quite a few points actually…I’d say I agree with at least 75 to 70 of it…

Gamestop’s model is the standard for trade and buy media stores. I worked at Suncoast that has the Replay card, for which every 50 dollars spent yields a 5dollar gift certificate, and the tier increases by price… of course its only used in Suncoast stores. The 6 month subscription is 14.99 while the 1 year is 29.99.

I used to rack up sales by convincing anime fans that buying 1 volume that cost 29.99 each to join the club, so they can technically save money in the long run (I always said, “there are 6 volumes in a standard anime series and with this card, one would be fully paid for.” The saps fell for it; It is not cost effective when I can simply go to best buy, walmart, or a mom-pop place that sells anime on the cheap. Hell torrents and dvd rips are the best alternative… I just hope when I die, Saint Peter won’t send me to hell for raping these guys without lube.

One funny story was a disgruntled otaku complaining to me about the high price on his Full metal Panic dvd. I told him in generic fashion that “We are not a big company like Wal Mart and would have to raise the upkeep in order to stay profitable. Plus, How many cashiers do you know LOVE movies and can keep giving you recommendations on the hot and latest in japanese animation?”

This is complete bullshit, because at the time, I assumed Full metal panic to be a sequel of full metal alchemist, and didn’t fucking know until years later.

Same Gamestop model for reservations. We were monitored weekly for reservation sales, so it became important to “make sure the customer had a copy of a big release.” Of course, more bullshit, because the supposed “rare” movies available on the store floor had “twenty” or so copies in the backroom. They did this when anime blew up, and again, new gen anime fans were lubed up for the eventual plowrapetrain. Considering I am an anime fan, I was able to con these suckers easily for putting a 5.00-full price deposit for dvd titles that cost 29.99 when in fact, you can get them on amazon or ebay for 9 bucks. A more fucked up tactic was when guys wanted to reserve hentai titles… They did this more discreetly.

Of course, I wouldn’t buy that shit, so I would do my usual sales pitch for a replay card OUTLOUD while there was a line forming, drop a few titles like, “you can use that extra money for tentacle fantasies V or something, they would be so red in the face that they basically signed for anything to shut me up.”

You’ll be surprised how many people forget their subscriptions. Some people can get big releases cheaper from Walmart or a large chain store (LOTR for 14.99 vs. Suncoast 19.99), so months ahead, customers would go to the retail store, grab their copy and forget about their deposit in our store. Eventually, when I look back and see old fucking reservations like Star Wars or Jingle all the way on VHS, they take the old reservations, count them as being picked up, and the credit would go towards our own purchases.

You’ll be surprised how some people pay full price for scarface and months later never come back to retrieve it. Do we remind them? Hell no, our commodore 64 computer cannot handle simple list-style databases and besides, their 19.99 credit went towards my copy of Aliens on DVD.

The subscriptions were painful. I felt like selling my soul to Satan everytime I pushed this piece of crap magazine like Entertainment tonight. Basically, we scan the credit card along with the purchase for 14 “free” issues. Of course, the customer has to cancel after the 14th issue otherwise they would be charged for another 14 issues at 19.99 / month. Of course, people would come in the store, call us crooks because we didn’t tell them this tidbit (we were trained not to). A more underhanded scheme is to basically scan the subscription card even though the customer did not want it (wait till they left), and if they had any qualms about it (which is everytime), corporate could handle it.

Thats why, people, use a debit card or cash to pay for stuff in the mall. Because the seller will have to ask for a credit card in order for them to link their “subscriptiondoken” and the last thing you want is getting a bill for 19.99 because some kid was forced to use underhanded tactics. At that time, subscriptions = your place in employment. You can sell a billion replay cards but it wouldn’t mean dick unless you had a steady stream of magazine revenue. The reason is the company gets a good finders fee for ahem “new subscribers.”

Used movies? Wiped my ass with it. Sure we are a little higher up than GS by giving back people cash… but what little cash it is. Majority of dvds are 1-5 dollars. Some went for .75. The used stuff we sell people, prices range to 14.99. The same price as the new copy at Wal Mart. I couldn’t use a DVD doctor correctly to save my life and these were the quality discs we put on store sleves. I can’t believe customers ate this up, and the main reason was regulars chatted with me and my co-workers over related interests like anime, martial arts movies, and other stuff. They didn’t know very slowly, after pretending to give a shit about Goku power levels and who would win in a Vash vs Spike dream match and didn’t notice the corporate cock that slowly penetrated their orifices.

My lasting redemption was when I quit, I actually went back to the store and told the regular customers I screwed over the years a list of torrent sites to download episodes for free. It was the least I can do for torturing their wallet ala Ichi the Killer style.

Gamestop is the same way; all that shit is old news to me, read this and read it well: THIS IS STANDARD PRACTICE. It is no longer just gamestop; any specialty media chain will follow this model of operations.

Sonichuman: I agree that people are the biggest asset, however when you are constantly being told by management that “your job is on the line” for not following their orders, being watched over like a hawk, and its ninja corporate customers, all employees will eventually not give a shit. And if you still offer 'great customer service" and want to help out and such, you probably haven’t worked retail that long because the veterans in this field all have their souls sucked out.

Yeah… this is pretty lame. Welcome to the world of buying and selling used content. Used book stores, used CD stores, used DVD stores… if anybody is “shocked” here, I’m missing something.

This was a waste of fifteen minutes. :frowning:

edit: I think the GameStop pictured most often is right by my house. O_o
I do appreciate the questioning of the sales tactics used around the industry, though. My new response to people trying to sell me “bonuses” is a loud HELL NO.
The “mark-up” is there to pay salaries, though, so whining about high game prices but then whining that there’s not enough staff seems like you need to define how you want the business to run and then pick one gripe.

I work at Zellers and I always feel like such a crook every time I have to push the store credit card on someone. I watched an older employee take advantage of this old woman who could barely remember her name (she literally signed the application for her because she couldn’t see the page herself), and that shit was just wrong. I think I’d rather stay in fast food than keep doing this kind of work because I don’t think I can live with myself in the long run if I do.

So many people have worked in retail by now that you’d think someone would start gathering people to get stores to stop peddling their bullshit.

I work at Gamestop and this dude is 1000% right. Seriously, everything he said is true.

Does working at gamestop for 3 years count? And my managers have never threatened my job once since I’ve worked there…so like I said it’s probably a gamestop by gamestop basis that’s also dependent upon the area that you work in and if the manager that works above you is already a douchebag or not. I can tell you right now I’m not like most gamestop employees in the fact that: 1.) When I search for your used game I make sure to give you one of our best looking copies…in the case the game that we have looks shitty and it’s our own copy I make sure to tell the customer about it to warn him ahead of time to let him/her make his own decision on it. If they take it I remind them about the return policy: 7 days if they don’t like it, 30 defective. 2.) I’m a hard ass when it comes to trade-ins on discs cause I know I gotta sell that shit back to people and I look at it from both a business and a consumer perspective. If it has a knick in the disc that I can feel with my finger nail…i’m refurbing it…period. 3) I’ll ask for reserves and subs but I ain’t gonna go outta my way to push someone to do it, I’d rather not annoy the customer to all hell cause I’ve been on the other side of the counter before. I’d rather them feel comfortable and come back into the store thus equaling more sales in the long run. Again…both a customer and a business stand perspective. 4) I probably do a serious taboo on this one…If the game is shitty…I mean like reeeally bad. I’ll question the customer if they REEEEEALLY wanna get that. I try to keep up to date on gaming news and reviews. If possible I’ll try to suggest something else that’s better in that genre if I can. 5) I’m only going to suggest the subscription to people who I think it would benefit most…namely the people who come into the store more than 3-4 times a year and often spend money inside especially 360 and ps3 owners.

My manager on the other hand is a different story…he sometimes doesn’t seem to understand when to just back off. But I’m pretty sure it’s probably cause the DM is trying to cram his foot up his ass…at the same time though badgering the customer ain’t gonna do it as is clearly evident. It only pisses off both parties.

3 years? Alright I’ll give you that Veteran status:rofl: gives retail purple heart medals I was at my 4th year before I quit (it started going to hell at mid year 2). I have come up with a theory that all DMs are actually retail-bots and not real human beings. Every DM (our store had about 3 replacements) have been total dicks and finally assumed they build these people in a secret facility near Canada.

I’ve always told people time and time again, “if you treat your employees nicely they’ll perform at their highest caliber.” One reason whenever I manage temporaries, I joke around and a little more understanding; Its necessary tho: These are retirees who only work 10-20 hours for some extra cash, not computer literate, and vulnerable to any type of airborne fucking disease. But I know if I crack the whip and act like an ass, there will be conflict and unneeded drama. If ANY positive aspect of working retail I learned it would be that it taught me HOW NOT to manage a store. It taught me that people are willing to go to extremes just to get “dat numbers.”

Gamestop or not, I think we can all agree on one spectrum: ALL fucking customers are annoying… especially the 16-21 demographic.

yeah gamestop sucks and I haven’t bought a game from there in years. shame that all the places vids like this are linked are on sites where the people already know that gamestop is ass. I remember when the gamestop at my mall was a software etc. and the gamestop that is in the shopping center near the mall was a funcoland. those places were awesome back then and they actually gave you decent money for trade ins.

especially hate the people who bring in a shit load of stuff to trade in RIGHT BEFORE WE CLOSE…

Douchebag with bunch of shit: stares at the clock…hmmm…it’s 1:00. I coooooooould possibly take in all this stuff I wanna trade in…but nah I got NOTHIN to do all day so I’ll just chill till 8:30 before walking my 5 bags of bullshit down the street to gamestop. The employees love it when I show up with all that stuff at 8:55! =D

that or the drunk and/or weed smokers that show up…leeeean over the counter and go

Marlboro from FFX: takes in a deep breath…HHHHHHHHHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII…
Me:…OMG!!! gets hit for 9999 damage and falls over with the sign ‘OVERKILL’ appearing over my body

Although I understand the gamestop hate, I don’t particularly agree with all of it. Sure, I can buy games online cheaper, but I like getting the game the day I want it, and being able to physically hand over my cash and hold the game in my hands before deciding to purchase it. Plus, I get to talk to a lot of really cool people (yes, the employees at the local gamestops are cool for the most part. There have been a few bad apples, but you can always leave ^_^), getting the latest info on games and personal opinions from people with different tastes in games and different views on brands/technology.

If I wanted to get all my stuff cheap, I’d buy online every day. If I don’t want to risk anything and get a more personal experience, I go to the pawn shop, then Gamestop/similar store.

Anyways, the mark-ups and corporate tactics are bullshit, but very few businesses are out there to be fair to the consumer. They’re there to make money while providing you with a service.

lol i been sayin this for years

any place like this is a scam, but not as shameless as gamestop

Amazon will do every thing in their power to not compensate you for a negligent seller or buyer. They will just tell you that their policy is that you come to a resolution with the seller all the while they charge around 40% in fees to use their site.

Hmmm…the first part of this for taken down due to some violation.
It looks like the rest will follow.

Thanks for posting this up, hope they don’t all get taken down.