Zero OTG?

What exactly is his OTG? Every video i watch it looks like they do a fully charged zero shot into his L Raikousen. Is there a trick to doing this or am i just missing something?

From what little I know of Zero, I’m pretty sure H Raikousen in the air is an OTG.

J.236M/H into buster is the otg

I wish i could lie and say i knew what that actually meant, do you think you could put it into noob terms?

He has 2 OTGs. Hadoken in the air M and H. Also known as Sentsuizan or just dive.

Those two moves hit otg but cannot be followed up unless you have an assist or a full buster charge. Since you can cancel all special moves into buster, you can cancel the Dive into the fully charged buster and continue your combo from there.

Ah OK, that makes a lot more sense. Thanks a lot, but if you don’t mind me asking is there a trick to canceling the dive into the buster? I’ve been trying this whole time and haven’t had much success.

When Zero does his dive, he says the word “Sentsuizan.” The word is three syllables. After the first two syllables, let go of the buster then immediately go into raikousen. It should sound like " Sent-swe." Practice just diving into buster then start applying raikousen when you get the hang of the buster dive. I don’t know if this explanation will help you or make it worse lol. That’s just how I learned it. Good luck and I hope you stick with Zero!

unless i’m missing something here…wat.

Please dont give tips unless your 100% sure, raikousen is his lightning ( Rai means lightning/electric ) also there is an ask a question thread guys. I hate having to sound like a stiffler but if you took 5 mins to read through the other threads ( ya know combos, team thread ) most of the questions are answered there.

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Yeah, I was wrong. We get it.