Zero Questions and Answers Thread, We Will tell you what you are fighting For



Basically I didnt see a Q and A thread and theres a lot of threads asking simple questions so Feel Free to Ask here, any questions regarding Zero. Ill try to get a lot of the good Questions put in here with the Question above and spoiler with the answer Below.


What is Zeros Alternate Costume in Ultimate?


[details=Spoiler]His Alternative in UMVC3 is MEGAMAN-X




LOL that flew right over my head LOL… WHY ISNT IT STICKIED?


All non-ultimate threads were unstickied. EvilToaster was going to make the new ones so we were all waiting for him but now he has moved on from this game and no one else has stepped up to the plate so for now we just use the old threads.


I guess Ill step up for some threads then.


Question: Do the Sougenmu clone’s attacks count as overheads? if yes, then zero has self-unblockables, correct?

EDIT: Fuck, so this isn’t the right thread?


who cares lol. to answer your question yes they do, and yes he does.


Far as I was told yes, you can create self-unblockables with Sougenmuu but it’s way too difficult to do. I never actually tried it myself so I don’t know about specific setups


Well, at least a “hard-to-blockable” you can setup.

Thanks for the answers (BL, always on the grind, lol)!


I dont think they are in blockable but youd have to block multiple directions within one frame of each other which is humanly impossible. If you want an unblockable just choose a low hitting or overhead assist and cover the other ground with zero.

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Even just a jump in with j.H then as soon as you land doing cr.m is pretty tough to block.

Or just do H teleport then j.h on the way down, when you land do cr.m, etc.


I just wanted to say that I love the thread title.


How hard is it going to be to learn to play with Zero by always holding down the L button for the buster shot? I use my three inner most fingers for button inputs, so would I have to start using my thumb for S inputs?


You mean people dont press S woth their thumbs??? Lol jokes aside Buster charging isnt to bad since you can do it in combo now, its always good to have it charging so you can zone with lv 2 busters. Its all practice and takes a while but once you get it his better half comes with it.

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I have a friend who played zero in vanilla, but dropped him early in this engine due to frustration. I remember seeing a ToD combo on the front page where zero came out of the second slot as a crossover counter. I don’t recall if it was post patch or not. The concept was basically crossover counter to zero, then the crossover counter was canceled into shadow. If it is still in the game does anybody have a link so I can show my homie? Much obliged




Yea, this was Nini’s vid from a few months back. Problem is the tech never gets used because most use Zero on point and you rarely see him tagged/DHC’d out.

Still cool tech to be reminded of.


I approve of this thread title. :slight_smile:


why is killer kai the only zero that can pull off lightning loops consistently?


As long as you have Jam Session, its a piece of cake… just call Jam Session during any grounded blockstring and cancel to Sougenmu right as it starts hitting. Jump M, c. M usually gets the job done. If you know someone is scoping it for the pushblock (you can sometimes get Zero off of you), empty jump c. M