Zero Tac Infinite



Any news or discovery yet?

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I should have something in the next 4 hours (I get home from work in 3 hours).


K Im gonna get onto it also, I get off work in 7 hours though :frowning:

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Me thinks it will involve the jump loop in some way or another.


This. I think I found it, but I suck at doing this infinite (haven’t got 2 reps of Dante’s after trying for like an hour). Zero probably has one of the hardest infinites too, but I’m not gonna post it until I’m sure (or until I give up and pass it on to someone else to confirm).

edit: ah screw it I’ll let it out just because I’m not sure if I understand the restrictions on this infinite.

Down TAC > L-Sentsuizan (qcf+L, feint) > j.M (super low to the ground) > [re-jump, j.d+H > j.M (super low to the ground)] *N

Or put another way:
:d:+:s: > :qcf:+:l: > :m: > [:u: > :d:+:h: > :m:] *N

You can charge your buster with L for the whole combo starting at the Sentsuizan too…I’m just 100% sure that it works.


Mmmmm…I think I’ll just wait for a vid…


I think I have an Idea, I feel like doing MM xx MCommand dasg,2C,land jump,mm buster?

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Does there have to be a special in each jump or only the first? I thought only the first since Mags infinite is just HSM…but maybe the airdash counts?

Never mind I just saw Task’s infinite; no airdash and no specials, just a command normal (same as us). I think my loop will work but hitting down+h immediately after holding up to re-jump is seriously hard to do consistently.


As long as your attack hits the opponent the MOMENT you touch the ground, then you instantly jump, the game still thinks you are airborne, thus the infinite is possible. Ill test now as well.


I think Avarice might be on to something. I’ve gotten two reps out with it… I just don’t know what many reps are normal and at what quantity is it considered beyond normal.


I feel like itll involve jump 2C,MC land jump repeat.

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i’d like to say that the “special” in magneto’s is not the airdash, but the actual j.S.


Task’s doesn’t use S either though, just M, H, and f+H.


Im only throwing out theory till Im able to get home but Im trying to think of a loop involving lighting ( haha another lighting loop? ) because you hit the ground as soon as it hits them.

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More consistent way to start it.
Down Tac > H command dash > J. M M > Hold up > Start potential infinite. Jumping down H > M loop is very hard to do, dunno if its just me.
A very good way to know if ur character can do the infinite is to TAC during the jump loops after reaching the ground, just to make sure.
I was able to do a TAC after jumping in this sequence, but could not find a true infinite.
For now, I just do Jump M M H S after reaching the ground and I’d have full buster, then go into OTG to lightning loop.


I tried some stuff out to see if I can get the infinite out but failed miserably. I’m too scrubby to create tech anyway, so I steal it! Kappa


K home from work now, Averice any luck?

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I suck at this infinite with all characters for some reason. j.2H > j.M loop should work from what I can tell, but it’s very hard and I haven’t been able to confirm for sure.


Trying to take the concept out of everybody’s infinite so far and incorporate it into Zero but this shit’s just not happening. Something about the hitstun of Zero’s normals just not allowing this? Tried to land j.M, j.H and j.d+H as low to the ground as possible and attempt some form of jump loop, no dice. Or maybe I’m just not cut out for this creative stuff


zero, like doom, has normals that dont exactly go hand in hand with the TAC nonsense. ive been attempting this for literally 9 hours straight, different starters, jump loops, sentsuizan feints, everything… nothing works consistently. i have sequences that do allow for infinite, to find them you just set the dummy to jump and do your loop, xfactor on the last hit during hitstop and if youre on the ground it’s good for infinites… thing is all of these sequences dont loop into themselves without adding other loops into the mix including j.2H > j.M… but the different loops dont work with each other either. ive tried so many things, its literally just frame timing each time to do these and its just stupid. niitsuma tweeted that hes working on fixing TACs anyway (which i totally disagree with, these infinites are hype as fuck) so its probably pointless to continue working on them. i’ll just stick to lightning loops :confused: