Zero tk loop help



When im doing lightning loop i alway get super jump light attack why is this


probably messing inputs… go to the training mode and turn the option that show the inputs on the screen… try a few times, and look where you´re doing it wrong… From my experience you´re probably missing the diagonal down forward or down…
I just give this advice in another thread in this forum… If you´re missing the combo on the first raykousen after the set up (buster, lightning, sougenmu, buster, Lightning) try to wait until zero touches the floor to do the next TK SRK motion… don´t try to do a lot of SRKs in a row… it won´t come out… Time is not so tight to make this combo incredibly hard… but at least it has a "right timing " to perform it…


My inputs are perfect and i was already checking for input error


If your inputs are perfect, you may pressing L too late


dont mean to hijack this dude;s thread but i dont mean to start another new thread.
I have been a super short of getting loops down. (the restast super to do abnother loop) But yesterday and today i havent been able to get a full buster after activation. like i said, this hasnt been a problem at all but i cant seem to fucking get it now! anyone have any insight into this?


ok, according to another thread, you must start activation for buster even before the super and yeah, that works