Zero/Veril/Strider - Need hardcore Help

Okay, bear in mind I’m typing from my PS3 because my PC lags up whenever I visit this forum. (Stupid ads) And also:

I know people say its a bad team, but I want help learning everything I can about move properties, assist combos, basic combos, matchups, advanced strategies (Crossover Counters or XFCs).

I hate analyzing Youtube videos since my PC lags up, so any listings and guides will help, preferably organised (I find it hard to find stuff I need without asking around here).

Also overall advice will help too, since I’ve heard of top players usind 2/3rds of my team effectively. My main is Strider, but my weakest are Zero and Vergil.

Also whilst I’m at it, my other teams need a foundation of good combos and teamwork too:

Nemesis/Firebrand/Shuma Gorath
Hsien-Ko/Jill/Morrigan (though I prefer Phoenix)

As a sidenote, I switch to my pointman to Strider or Vergil sometimes.