Zero Vs Morrigan



I have never seen any top zero players beat this girl… i consider flocker the best zero n even him has never win vs morrigan… My question is how zero players should approach this match up what r the best assist vs Morrigan/Doom n what is the best Zero team vs this shit of soul fist…??? i wanna know all ur thoughts all the tech u can share to beat this slut im tired of losing to that ridicules shit of spaming soul fist


This should go in the matchup thread.


My match last night against Jrosa, excuse the poor execution, I was off yesterday. :x
I felt like stuffing missiles allowed me to get in easy and was able to let jam session do the work to snipe morrigan in the air.


Dude are you going to Final Round? I’d love to run some Zero mirror matches w/ you :slight_smile:


Man watching those matches from final round. Flocker is obviously a great player but i believe he did not utilize Zero’s tools properly in the fight at all. also hawkeye should have been benched.


I fight a decent Morridoom in NC all the time so I have a ton of exp in that matchup. Really, I don’t think Zero has the tools to get in once she gets going. The key is to stop her from getting started. If she’s not first its your JOB to kill her when she comes in. Don’t let her get space, don’t give her an inch of breath room.

If she does get away, look for Doom missiles and snipe it with buster. Once she gets going with Astral vision you have a couple of options:

  1. Use buster to clear a path for your assist. In my case I use jam session, so I try to creep in to mid range and get jam session out without getting Dante hit. If there’s a fireball coming in, blast it with buster and get her blocking. Go for the mixups and if she blocks, sougenmou to negate push block and mix up low / air throw / unblockable.

  2. Try to snipe her from the air with level 3 buster to create gaps in the fireballs to get in close and apply mixups.

  3. Accept that you can’t get in and wait it out. Zero has a ton of air mobility options. You can super jump back then H command dash in the air to avoid missiles at the top of the screen, and L command dash in the air can be used to mess with Morrigans zoning pattern. If she jumps to to meet you with super jump height horizontal fireballs, use the chance to L dash down and get in on the ground.

DO NOT USE LIGHTNING TO GET IN. It is worthless in this matchup once she gets going as 1 soul fist has enough durability to destroy lightning. You just end up getting hit. You can use it for mobility but don’t go to it for an answer to soul fist.

Basically you play with the mentality of patiently waiting to corner morrigan, then use the chance to get a mixup. If Zero’s health gets too low, sougenmou out and DHC into your partner.

Other tidbits:

  • Her jump goes to high so it’s difficult to jump up and hit her out of air soul fist with jump buster.
  • cr.H and S both beat shell kick when timed right.
  • Don’t fight her in close if she has momentum. Just push block her off and work to get in with advantage.


chrisG won 4 of these matches with vergil, not morrigan. zero jam wins the MU with point morrigan.