Zero w/ Doom Assist



New Zero player here, putting him on the team of Zero, Vergil, Doom.

Wanted to ask if Zero players believe that he is better w/ Plasma Beam assist or Hidden Missiles assist?


He works great with both. Taking into consideration that Vergil is your secondary, I’d say plasma beam (i started playing that team as well). But as a whole, Plasma beam if you wanna go more fast paced and offensive. Missiles if you want to go a little slower and more defensive.


I’d suggest Missiles…Rapid slash is a decent horizontal assist, and Vergil does get combo extensions off of missiles. (google it)


Haha, that’s the team I first played on release. I say missiles, but if you want immediate results I would say put Vajra on there.


This should really be in the team thread.


Yeah I’m a fan of going more offensive.

Vergil gets combo extensions and resets off of hidden missiles, but my experience shows the missiles can be really hard to utilize with Vergil. It just doesn’t work as well as Plasma Beam.

Muji: I have considered Vajra (not Strider, just Vajra, lol) but that team would most likely be Vergil Doom Vergil, which I think would be a really solid team.


I think in your case, start with plasma beam especially since you already played it with your Wesker team. The transition will be smoother. Then as you go along, try learning to see if Missiles has any use for you.


I main Zero/Doom/Vergil, and both Doom assists are good for Zero (beam or misiles) I’m currently maining Missiles doom, and only use beam in certain matchups (like vs sentinel drones or another doom misiles). I suggest you use Vergil as a 3rd character, but that’s up to you, it works either way.


Yeah you guys need to please start using and reading the team thread. The zero forums has become stuff with these threads.

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