Zero-Won Gaming Designs - Street Fighter 5

Hey I’m fairly new around here. Let me introduce myself my name is Troy from Zero-Won.

I was hoping for some feedback and any suggestions from you guys. Early next year we at Zero-Won are going to be working with Capcom to create some new Street Fighter 5 T-Shirts and Artwork.

Are aim is to be the first Gaming Apparel company that really listens to the community. We want everything we make where possible to be community inspired, driven and even created.

So a couple of questions. How would feel about a design tournament where you can create and submit Street Fighter artwork into a competition. Where the top 3 will have the opportunity of becoming officially licensed merchandise? These designs will not be voted on by us. They will be voted on by the community.

Do you like the name Zero-Won?
There is quite a lot of thought behind this name. In street fighter someone wins and someone loses. Also binary 0’s and 1’s, also if you see our logo its designed like ying and yang, the light and the dark.

Or do you like the name ‘Player-Won’ because it makes more sense.

This is our first community driven decision. Which name wins?

This isn’t about Street Fighter 5.

Zero-Won makes no sense at all without explanation. I’d go back to the ol’ drawing board again. Also, the game doesn’t say “player won” they say “player X wins” so it’s a weird tie-in. Give it more thought. Also, Daemos is right, put this in a more appropriate forum.

I hope y’all gave this some serious thought and not just chatter over beer because this sentence here looks like it involves legal shenanigans over ownership of the product and financial conversations about what you’d pay the artists. This whole post reeks of “this would be cool,” though and not a proper business.

And Capcom know this?

Did you seriously just advertise your weird non-existent company, then ask if you should change the name of it right at the very end?

What kind of hustle is this?

Aside from only vaguely being related to SFV, this thread goes against thus forum’s rules on selling and promotion.