As you can see i sort of like the fast characters that are in your face, but I have been trouble finding a third I thought M.O.D.O.K barrier would help but it seemed to slow down my game. Anyone with more knowledge then me know who would go with as their 3rd?

Spider man’s web ball maybe?


Sentinel works with everyone.


Haggar lariet?


Magnus? Hyper Grav works off of zeros otg and can continue combo it also puts pressure, what’s your x-23 assist?


Use spencer In your face 24/7 with that arm of his


I would recommend not using these 2 on the same team. I really, really wanted to, but they are both made of paper and absolutely need to get in to do any damage. If you really want to use both of them though you need someone to cover your approach. Amaterasu Cold Star, Iron Man Unibeam, Doom Missiles or Doom Rocks, and Sentinel Drones are all good choices. The other problem is you almost need to put both Zero and X-23 on dp assist just to have good anti-air defense.

Best of luck to you.


Alright i will try all your suggestions and make my decision thank you very much!


Sound like you need a good anchor with a good assist,

Hulk (wave / anti air assist)
Sentinel (drones)
Taskmaster (arrows)
Tron (gustaf fire assist)

Hope this gives you some ideas.