Zeros at EVO?



SO which Zero players will be at evo?


I won’t be able to go this year (next one definitely) but good luck to all Maverick Hunters @ Evo2012, I hope you make us proud and LL everyone.


Flocker, my friend Tayson he put his tag as Hometown Hero he’s the Zero, Ryu, Nova player. That’s all I know lol


our hometown hero, FR TooMuchDamage, is going to be there to rep Zero for sure. He’s the number 8 seed so he has a good shot of making out of pools and bust some heads. it’s a shame FR RoachKing won’t be there to rep ATL for us tho :(. I really wanted to see how he fared against Abegen.

I really hope Zero players place high at EVO this year.


We got Marn, Flocker, Tyson, Frieda, KillerKai, and TooMuchDamage that have a chance at placing high with Zero.

Frieda uses my team, he’s the only (if Flux is not going) Zero/Dante out of those players, also the only Zero/Magneto (if Marn is playing Strider).
Tons of Zero/Vergil though, and two Zero/Wesker players.

Hopefully there’s at least one Zero in Top 16. Weske, Spencer, and Vergil are gonna be on dat Top 8 for sure, hopefully one Zero makes it too (and Marlin).


I will not be there sadly, but good luck to the zeros that are going! <3

Don’t forget to stay fabulous and keep it classy. <3


Frieda won’t be there. One of the translators on FGTV said that he couldn’t take time off from his job to be there.


Kassandra, where do you find all of your Zero pictures? Tell me. Kassandra plz.


danbooru/gelbooru probably


Come on Flocker, you’re our last hope!!


Tumblrrrrrr <3

Those sites are for pervs.

I really believe he has a chance to win! <3
please please please win wah I’m so hyped! <3


Omg so many scrubby zeros >__< they think they can LL then do well… im sorry this zero made me pissed on how many bandwagoners there were On zero… Pzpoy didnt deserve to get that far, Flocker is amazing though. He has a chance so here’s to you flocker. We in there.

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I gotta admit, I was torn during the Valle v. AvariceX matchup.

One hand I had a fellow Zero player and forum goer on the other hand, Valle was playing Cap/Sent/Strider - I love that team. It’s so much fun.


When did Avarice drop Magneto anyway? Was baffed he was using the Zero/Dante/Strider team. Was gutted when he lost the way he did ;_;


good stuff to Flocker. That shows the importance to being able to LL every single time you touch your opp. Looks like we ned a lot more training from now on, umvc3 isnt getting patched anyways, so let’s continue to make Zero more OP and step our shit up.


Yeah. I’m still not happy about flocker having to play Chris g twice.
Beats him once off stream and then plays him on stream and loses. :expressionless:

I wanted to see flocker and Richard in top 8, but at least one of them got there!

Yes, we zeros really need to work harder. I’m pretty motivated.
Time to not sleep and practice my execution all night.


Woah woah woah there, you’re starting to sound like Vergil >_>


PZPoy isn’t bad at all, He fucked up on stream, It happens to a Lot of people.
He also comes from Maryland. They have a scene there, but in no way is it the same as SoCal/NorCal or NYC.

And FUCK I wanted Flocker to win So bad.


I didn’t drop Mags. I pick him instead of Strider if I’m facing Hidden Missiles, Drones, or Dormammu, unless they have Strider as well. Either way my Mags and Strider are both ass. I’m taking a break for a while but when I come back I’m doing something completely new (well not completely - I can’t drop Zero/Dante, but the new idea I have is definitely unorthodox…and probably stupid).


Mmm interesting, Vajra seems to be suicide for me when running it against Missiles (way too easy to counter just spam missiles hit-confirm into THC) and possibly drones. Missiles and Plasma Beam just tend to cover everything in my experience.