Zero's match up guide. Zero vs T. Blade

“The key to victory is understanding your enemy’s strengths and weaknesses.”
~ Zero

We should talk about the most common/popular characters for the matchups first off.

Zero vs Ryu

  1. Discuss what partner assist would help in that match up.
  2. How should Zero play against Ryu?
  3. Mention what tools Zero has to get the upper hand in that match up.
  4. Mention what tools Ryu has against Zero.
  5. Tell us what you think the match up ratio is.
  6. Weblink matches or combos from youtube to show Zero vs Ryu matches or Zero strategies, if you notice something interesting.
  7. What should we be using our meter for in this match up?

Ryu’s advantages: Hard hitting combo’s that can combo almost everything into a shinku hadouken.
Zero’s advantages: He is able to easily avoid the hadoukens, overall quicker attacks, more priority on most moves.

Overall: 60:40 in Ryu’s favor.

I wanted to get this match up stuff started, to give us a good head start of the match ups. Feel free to contribute.

Zero vs Tekkaman Blade

Blades’s advantages: Blade out ranges Zero and causes massive damage, he also above average health against Zero’s low damage combos. He can easily combo into his supers. Insane priority.
Zero’s advantages: He’s quicker and he can put on tons of more pressure, he can build up better quicker, to combo into his level 3.
Overall: 60:40 in Blade’s favor

*I’m not suggesting Zero is a bad character, so far Ryu and Tekkaman Blade seem to be his harder match ups.

Edit space for future match ups…

  1. Karas assist would be most helpful against Ryu spamming hadoukens.
  2. Zero should use a good deal of cross ups, be defensive from a far, be offensive up close.
  3. The command dash and dive attack would seem useful, especially while Sougenmu is in effect, command dash B or C, to B or C dive, to C uppercut, all while charging up your charge shot.
  4. Ryu can combo into his special’s easily.
  5. For right now I think the match up is 50:50.
  6. N/A
  7. I think it would be best to save your meter for a lvl 3, or mega crash in this match up against Ryu. Since Ryu can easily pull off a high damaging combo.
  • Always be prepared to do a light Ryuenjin (623A) as most Ryu players love them some IAD fierce.
  • Meter should definitely be saved to crash, Ryu doesn’t have a hard time killing Zero. Maybe used on a level 3 if you know it’ll kill him.

I don’t know how useful Karas’ assist would be against Ryu since he hardly ever throws normal hadoukens. Besides, save from shinku hadouken, Zero can already out-zone Ryu.

Right now, I think the match up is probably closer to 60:40 in Ryu’s favor.

Its a official matchup guide?
Who is the second caracter?

I find it discouraging to not have hardly any input here for match ups. Anyways, the next one would be Tekkaman Blade. Sevans, I agree with you now with 60:40 Ryu’s favor. Zeroo, this is the official match up guide, unless someone can make a better one. This will have to do for now.

Yeah, Ryu is just a bit too good to break even with Zero, as much as I love the little robot bastard. It takes two (simple) BnBs from Ryu before it’s game over for Zero.

The Tekkaman Blade matchup is interesting, he hits hard and has a pretty solid mixup game. Thankfully Zero is much faster and can stuff a lot of what Tekkaman Blade tries to do, especially with a solid assist like Ryu’s hadookie. With the meter that Zero builds during his combos and block strings, he’s able to crash out of most of TB’s combos. None of which seem to be too impressive thus far (I could be way wrong, though.)

Overall I’d say this matchup is in Zero’s favor, provided you don’t get hit with too many random Falchions. 60:40. Again, I have little experience against Tekkaman Blade.