Zeros new DLC costume is

Not what i expected :eek: … Capcom really trolling them X fans lol

LMAO! That’s awesome, but I guess that puts the nail on the coffin, that’s as close as we’re gonna get to X.

This is genius. :rofl:

No X :frowning:

He’s right there brah! Rejoice! :smiley:

Would be fking epic if he had X’s voice(since X also has the saber in X6)…DO IT CAPCOM… but i know that wont happen :frowning:

lol Well, you guys did want Megaman in the game. There he is.

Unity will rage. Oh my god.

I’m really upset that its not his costume from the Megaman Zero series.


Agreed. I really wanted to see that…

Unity definitely hasn’t seen this yet… I want to link them to it to troll, but I’m really, really scared of the possible consequences.

Plus, I’d lead some Unity scrubs over here. No, thank you.


I really hated that X wasn’t in the game, but i take this, is pretty cool. :slight_smile:


The costume makes sense. At the end of MMX5 when Zero “Dies” he leaves Sigma’s palace with Zero’s Sabre and uses it in MMX6.
Why would he have a different move set if they essentially use the same move set?

Mega Man X is in the game but just not in the way you think he should. Get over it.

Same move set? Yeah no.

How do they not? In MMX5 and MMX6 Megaman X uses Zero Sabre. There are all your sabre attacks.
Mega Man X has a charge shot. Guess what Zero has?
Mega Man X gets sword based abilities in MMX6. Guess what Zero Has?
Mega Man X can air dash. Guess what Zero can do?
The Zero Shadow’s or whatever can be determined as Soul Body from MMX4 where X makes copies of himself.
Rekkouha (Zero’s otg super) is from MMX4. MMX gets a similar attack in the same game.

So again. How do they not have the same move set? They are using the Mega Man X from MMX5 and MMX6 which was essentially Zero. That’s why they chose it as an alt. costume. If you can’t realize that you’re fucking retarded.

X has more than enough of his own unique moves to set them apart… I dont think X would need to use the same moveset of Zero… tbh i dont know why capcom is stubborn with him … X as DLC is freeee $$$$$$$ , and we all know how greedy capcom is … they charged people for cheat codes in Dead rising ffs :rofl:

Also Rekkoha is a move from Megaman X6 of the same name

Again. How? Aside from Maverick abilities and certain armors MMX and Zero have the exact same move set. Especially in X5 and X6.