Zero's Strategic Teammate discussion

Well guys I’m new to the forum of SRK. I’m actually from Dustloop, I’m mainly a Guilty Gear player. I want to talk about in this forum post a decent teammate for Zero. {Please don’t say Ryu} So post anyone that is related to strategic partner for Zero.

Welcome! I’m new here, myself.

I too have been having a bit of a problem finding a solid teammate for Zero. Like you, I want to avoid Ryu because I’m stubborn and want to be ‘different.’ I think it’s important to note that a partners assist has A LOT to do how well he plays with Zero. We all know that Z doesn’t have huge damage output or health, so he relies a lot on his mix-ups to get in and get resets/combos. Thankfully many assists operate similarly in TvC so our decisions for a good strategic teammate aren’t narrowed down too much.

I started with Alex because I play him a lot in 3rd Strike. He’s got the strength and health that Zero does not and his assist is great for both Zero’s mix-up game and extending his combos. However, too often when it came down to just Alex I found myself getting bodied by friends that like playing keep-away or continuously using IAD fierce, which tends to eat Alex alive. Until either 1.) I get better or 2.) There are some outstanding breakthroughs with Alex, I’ve decided to put him on the bench.

I’ve toyed around with Morrigan and if you’re looking for a highly effective alternative to Ryu, I’d say she is probably one of your top choices. I can’t stand her playstyle (read: dash) so I don’t even bother.

The other day I’ve picked up Soki for similar reasons that I used Alex. He’s buff. Dude hits hard and soaks up the damage that Zero can’t. Like Alex, his assist is helpful for Zero’s mix-up and combos, though not quite as useful. Unlike Alex, I do better against general zoning and turtling because of the range on Soki’s attacks, plus his supers tend to be more useful. For now I’m sticking with this guy.

Oh! Soki has a sword, Zero has a (laser) sword. Fits, right?

I’d say the longer the assists duration, the better for Zero. Polimar comes to mind. . .after a blockstring you can call Polimar out and because his shitty lightning kick stays out for eternity you can hienkyaku behind and make them have to change the direction their blocking.

I think Ippatsuman would be a p good assist for this reason as well.

But I don’t like either of those characters; Tekkaman is my 2nd, and I’ve been able to make it work w his assist.

But ya, Polimar is probably the best.

Oh, and it’s a saber, not a sword. Lul.

You’re right, both Polimar and Ippatsu are great when helping Zero’s mix up game.

And hey, saber, sword… Now’s not the time to be picky!

i understand wanting to be different and dont fault you in the least for it. matter of fact i been trying to find a different assist myself with more diversity. ryus assist is probably one of the best for zero but im slowly getting tired of playin him on point. trying to switch it up to chun li but that takes some getting use to.

as for ryu you can pretty much call his assist anytime you just need something on the screen. i use him most when it comes to block strings that way i can cause them to pushblock the wrong attack so i can move back in and start my strings again till he has time to recover and do it again. chun works almost the same but only one of her kicks ever touch during block strings. i kinda need an arcade stick with her though to be as effective as i want to with her. as for now im sticking with ryu because his assist helps lead to big damage combos plus i was playing him well before any of these other ryu zero players and im not changing my team to conform.

It’s hard to argue that Ryu is one of his best teammates. I’ve been playing Ryu since shortly after CGoH was released and it’s hard giving him up now, but I’m lame and like standing out. Even if it’s only a little.

Yea guys I agree with polimar and ippatusman as being a good assist for Zero. I mainly use batsu as my assist. I think he is okay assist type for my play style which is pressure and mix-ups. I find myself mostly fighting in the corner to mid screen with zero. Once I’m executing a combo like:

5A,2A,5B, 2B, 5C, 6C, Baroque, 5A, 5B, 2B, assist {batsu} 5C, 3C into Basic Aerial Rave Combo.{It works but too predictable}

In my honest opinion about Zero/Batsu i think this Duo is kind of lacks a good strategy. I also tried some stuff with Zero’s crossup/ pressure game. For example: 2A, 5A, 5B, 2B, 5C, 214 B or C, baroque, assist{ Batsu}. This block string work pretty well, but you have to do right with the right timing . Where the point were once you dash pass your opponent call your assist batsu in this case then you baroque into a block string or a combo. I think play with batsu is cool, but at the same time I feel like batsu does not provide me with what i need . And that’s a better strategy.

Next I tried Joe the Condor so far he seem like more of a character I would play with so far. He provides a solid game when I’m fighting people in the corner to midscreen. Im still testing him out.

Anymore suggests ?

Regular Tekkaman is really good and opens up new options for Zero as well as retaining some of his mix ups still.

Things I’ve found:

Uppercut anti air immediately calling tekkaman assist nets you a free charge shot combo. This alone makes tekkaman one of zero’s best partners IMO because it gives him damage oppotunities he didn’t have before.

Also with the right timing you can still use tekkaman assist with zero’s command dash in block strings for mix ups. Just do 5C (1 hit) to move closer to them, call tekkaman and teleport through.

You can do a mid screen relaunch… standard charge shot combo j.214A dash 5A 5C tekkaman assist and do another charge shot combo. Adds a lot of damage for zero.

Imo if you want easy mix ups and combos go polimar, if you want more options and a more zoning oriented partner go tekkaman.

Edit: Oh shit the DP > assist > ground combo works with Karas too. It’s actually really easy with Karas.

Base off of everyone’s view on Zero’s partner discussion. It’s possible to learn how to work out with something with Zero. I find that mostly projectile assist work well with Zero. Example: Ryu, Polimar, Ippatsuman, Morrigan and so on. With that being said that means that pressure might be key with me.

How many hits are you getting off 5C at the end of buster 214A mid screen combo in order to have enough time for Tekkaman assist to hit? I’ve only ever gotten 1 hit from it, and it doesn’t seem like too long of a window for a relaunch, let alone Tekkaman to hit. . .o_O

I usually just extend ground b&b w 5C (3 hit) 2C 6C (3 hit) P 5C 3C etc using Tekkaman.

Also another reason Zero & Tekkaman are a great team is because Zero is such a great battery, if you have 4 bars you can j.C 236B/C Rekkoha DHC Tekkaman LVL 3, does 30-33k dmg free.

And obviously for their DHC pop up glitch, shit gives you free 33k dmg for 2 bars but is v difficult to time. For those of you wondering, the timing is NOT exactly when Zero’s hand hits the floor that you DHC. It has gotten to the point where I can DHC the frame it hits the ground, & it will not pop yr opponent up. The timing yr looking for is as soon as the Rekkoha makes some sort of sound, only a few frames after Zero’s hand hits the ground. Like a whirr sound or something. So yeah, not exactly when his fist hits but v close to it.

In corner my main combo looks something like this w the two:

j.C 236B/C v j.Release3 (hold A) j.B v 5B 2B 5C 2C 6C P 5C 3C j.BB dj.BB Release3 214A 5A (hold A) 5B 2B 5C 3C j.BB dj.BB Release2 214B/C = 26-28k? (* indicates that this part of NEEDS to be delayed A LOT in order for you to get a CS3 to continue the combo)

So yeah, I agree Tekkaman is a beast assist for Zero, seeing as how he’s my 2nd lol. But I’m curious about how you can relaunch mid screen using Tekkaman. . .

I’d say top assists over all for Zero are Polimar, Ippatsuman, Ryu, Tekkaman, & Karas.

Well the buster shot is untechable so it doesn’t matter how many hits. You can do a full baroque combo, launch, and still do it. You summon tekkaman before you do the 5C after the relaunch… he should grab them after the second hit for it to work right.

I agree with the over all assist for Zero. Except for Karas I don’t understand what type of set can you do with him. Also it may be possible that Alex is pretty decent assist for zero as well.

My personal favs for partners for zero: Poly, Jun, and Joe. Jun is obvious because her assist works similar to ryu and the like. Joe gives some air mix ups while poly’s assists will lift them off the ground and also give zero more time to change things up.

No no no. I might be misunderstanding then, but what I’m saying is that after bnb ^ j.BB dj.BB Release3 214A > I’m trying to dash in & 5A 5C but the 5C only hits once if you don’t BRQ after the Buster3 which doesn’t allow Tekkaman to hit and Zero relaunch combo correct?