Zimmerman vs DMX "Celebrity" Boxing Match


Umm…go Ruff Ryders?

Never change DMX.

Other candidates included Kanye West and The Game.


Bell rings, Zimmerman shoots X, cites Stand Your Ground law.


Dmx starts round with full meter due to coke pregaming. His lvl 3 is unblockable. Fight has to be one rd for X to stand a chance


DMX has had full K-Groove since like 1996. I really wanna see him scrap.


K - DMX vs S- Zimmerman?


if geroge zimmerman is fit to fight in a celebrity boxing match, then why couldnt he fight off a teenage boy without reaching for his gun?


I’m sooooo mad at Game and DMX, they are looking so short sightedly on this whole ordeal. They are putting money in his pocket, giving him fame, turning thier haters into his fans, and if they win - no after antics will make black people look positive.


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If Zimmerman wins then there goes Trayvon legacy…


Murica, murders a black kid and is now fast tracked to be rich smdh


Zimmerman must be desperate for money.

He did nothing wrong and was made into a pinata for everyone to beat on. This is so stupid.


Is there anyway to boycott this bullshit?

That is unless the money is going to the Martin family.


Id imagine Zimmerboy is strapped for xash and perhaps even unable to get a job. But smiling with his fists raised ready to brawl doesnt help him out one bit. DMX might actually get rocked if he is still hitting that pipe. This most likely wont get tv play and will probably have to rely on a stream.


Why has no one posted this yet?


What is this farce.


I think this is good because it will settle if it was self defense once and for all.

If Zimmerman wins, it is because God favors him and his is innocent.
Also it will really put black people in their place.


Please let Jet Li be DMX’s corner man.



yeah, this is truly a sad day if dmx signs the contract for this. fuck, the game, too. today so far has just been a gross day of news for me. ugh, humans. just knowing there are millions of black people in this country that i know are like, “fuck yeah, fuck him up dmx, get one back for trayvon”, makes me wanna barf.

i might have to agree with, star, from, star and bucwild. last week he said he has given up on the black struggle. lol. i feel that sentiment. i hope tens of thousands of people protest this shit. dmx doesnt listen to anyone either, and his loser ass needs a paycheck, so none of those idiots around him are gonna say, you know youre just making him money, overshadowing the fact that he killed a teenager and walked, plus his other allegations and arrest for abuse, assault, etc… will be overshadowed

if dmx signs that contract, i might have to 86 him from my rap library too. sentence him to rapper abyss.


X wouldn’t make it pass the drug test


I hope it goes something like this: