Zip Tie Mounts?

Anyone know of a retail (US) store that sells these? I want to start using them to secure my PCBs to my cases. I’m hoping Lowes or Home Depot stocks them. If no one knows I’ll just print out the picture and drive around showing it to store associates.


I know a few places in Australia that sell them, but I guess that doesn’t help you much. :rolleyes:

Try electronic shops like Radio Shack, they should have them.

Radioshack has themfor about $3, they come in packs of 8 i believe. I bought 2 packs about 3 weeks ago

Thanks. Good old Rat Shack. I ought to own stock in them by now as much as I spend there on random junk.

do you happen to have a part #? those guys here at the ratshack are brain dead


Yeah, RadioShack is my ultimate ‘print out a picture and show to store associate’ store. They know to leave me alone by now. I’d also like a part number if you have one. It should be printed on the top of the baggie they came in.

Sadly most Radio Shacks are inhabited by braindead employees. I asked for a terminal strip once and they just scratched their head and said “We don’t carry those”, to which I responded by going to the back of their store, picking one up, sitting it on the counter, and saying “I’ll take this terminal strip, please.” After that it got kinda awkward.

Part number for the zip-tie mounts is 278-441. Gardner-Bender makes a better one, though, and you should be able to find them in any Ace Hardware store.

^ Thanks kindly. Here’s a link. The picture on their site looks odd.

I’ll go check Ace if the ones at RadioShack look ghetto. RS usually wins by default by being within walking distance.

Edit: Found the Gardner Bender’s at Home Depot (online only). It’s a few more than I need. :smile:

Haha, yup, those’re the ones. They’re nicer because the adhesive backing usually always gives out over time and GB was nice enough to put a hole in the middle for a size 6 screw.

Should I just scrape the adhesive and use super glue instead? One of the cases I need to mount to is plastic and I was hoping to not drill/screw into it.

If you really really need this thing to stick forever, use some kind of hobby cement, which should also be available at a hardware store. I can’t cite any brands at the moment (too damned early in the morning), but the gist is that it not only sticks, but it bonds the plastic to it by melting it just slightly, so be certain of your placement before you stick it on there.

I was about to recommend epoxy, but that stuff can be more trouble than its worth, especially when something else works better and is less fussy (no mixing).

I’m almost positive Fry’s has them. I believe there are Fry’s in TX.

In that case I think I’ll just put a blob of hot glue and squish it down on it. I mean it will be a fixture of the case and I don’t want it to come loose, but I’m not as certain about permanently bonding it. The idea was to be able to swap PCBs by cutting the zip tie.

And yeah… it’s too damn early. I woke up this morning at 4 and couldn’t go back to sleep. Now I’m at work zombiefied.

I miss Fry’s. We definitely have them in TX. I’m in a smaller town now that has a Lowes, Home Depot, RadioShack, but nothing as fun as Fry’s.

Hot glue is probably your best option in that case :smile:

Best of luck waking up this morning, sir; it’s usually a small battle for me as well.

Thanks for the tips on what to search for. For those in Canada these DO exist at homedepot too.

aka Mounting bases

I think the real question is can you ever really have too many zip tie mounts? Haha, but thanks for the link.

Wire mounts ftw!

I noticed that its only strapped on one side of the PCB (not centered). It doesn’t move around too much? I thought about buying PCB feet from LL and that’s gonna take forever, but if these ties are stable enough, this just might be an easier way to go.

I mounted my PCB using 2 regular pan-head screws ($.09 each) and 1/4" long nylon spacers ($.15 each), both available at a hardware store and the thing won’t budge.

That’s a really awesome use of the tie mounts, though.