Zoe Quinn's Gamergate movie is possibly in the works

And Scarlett Johansson is interested in the role.

No more.

Please close this thread. The hate is inc.

This the most hilarious development yet. I guess the ego stroking documentaries weren’t doing the job.

The End is nigh…

@“The Damned” please close immediately.

No one cares, nor wants anything to do with this shit.

So its a porno?

G word , triggers, Angelpalm, sexism, SJW, Po Wimpus.

There, we just saved ourselves from a 50 page thread.

Fuck you nigga.

You know this shit is stupid and giving it any attention is the exact opposite of what people should do.

Lifetime Original Movie: Depression Journey

90 minutes of a hipster crying on her keyboard. Soundtrack includes Eye of the Tiger.


Yet you probably give the most attention to stupid shit by whining about stupid shit.

Day one.

Ghostbusters (2016)
Spider-Man (2017)

RIP Spider-man.
Keep in mind this studio is same one doing that all female Ghostbusters.

Maybe Anita can help do the screen plays seeing how she already has experience doing Cuck(Star) Wars.

Because not giving the attention is doing wonders :rolleyes:

My mind is blown

If Scarlett is nekkid I will watch it on mute. But I am gonna jerk off angrily.

I guess if you’re going to be a fraud, you may as well go all in. Didn’t care for Scarlett J and still don’t. She’s not that great.

take your time to listen what he says


No one really cares about this shit anymore.

@iantothemax can I get into the drawing for free tickets?

Day one? More like day NONE.
Me Watch this shit? Ain’t no way son.
Femnazi movie filled full of man hate,
silver screen liefest,“Tales of Gamergate”.

Opening night premier, nobody’s here.
They all went next door, Ditched the show for beer.
The movie is a flop, under 18 not admitted,
So bad that those who saw it won’t admit it.

Theaters getting freaked out begging for patrons,
“Check it out please!” No thanks, No seats taken.
Nobody wants to see it, let her watch it herself,
Everybody left the DVDs on Wal Mart’s shelf.

White knights rally to try to save their mistress,
But they can’t defeat the fail that they witness.
Manginas bleed from the sharp words of the critiques,
"This sucks. Rated “W” for “What the Fuck is this?”