Zoe Quinn's Gamergate movie is possibly in the works

Oh good, it’s this shit again.

I think the issue was it was an anonymous movement, it let the other side argue publicly uncontested and signal boost the minority of idiots focusing on calling her a slut.

“Gamers” were right but they had no idea how to go about it.

Oh well, the Japanese will still make the games I play.

If you’ve watched the Law & Order SVU episode you know it’s going to be amazing.

The producer of this film got fired from Sony for email leaks where she made racist jokes about Obama, and is now the producer of the all-female Ghostbusters reboot.

^ The only reason the ‘other side’ got their story out ‘publicly uncontested’ (arguably) was because they were pretty much the megaphones responsible for reporting the news. And rather than doing their jobs at delivering the truth, they decided to peddle some bullshit narrative instead.

But also one of the few higher up that wanted to see Idris Elba as Bond so lets not call her a racist for telling an insensitive joke.

I can’t be racist guys, I watch movies with black people in them all the time.



Just like telling blonde jokes makes you sexist

I meant as in they were pre-established people telling followers things.

The media corruption is a totally different story.

It was just announced yesterday and the entertainment value is already skyrocketing.

Movie’s plot- Literally 2 hours of twitter shit flinging, as the heroine takes a planned vacation trip to Europe while claiming “she had to flee the country for her safety”.



Considering that she lied in her congressional briefing, pushing her story more and more into the mainstream may backfire badly.

Do explain angelpalm, trigger me

Sometimes you arent sure if today will be a good day, then you wake up to news like this.

This planet is hilarious, back to reading Brave New World.

Bet you this is going straight to The Lifetime Channel

I’m gonna try to save this by turning it from gamergate to a thread about gates.

This is a nice one:



Also nice. The spikes give a sense of “Climb over, I dare you.”:



Can never go wrong with simple:



If you like personalized. Personally I’d like my “C” within a skull as the emblem:



If you want to live like royalty:



Hey now we’re talkin:



I will raise you



I call and level up the stakes to Gater status






I do have to wonder why this topic makes people so uncomfortable as to try to derail any related threads. If you were so uninterested in the matter at hand, you wouldn’t be on this thread in the first place. Yes, both sides have a very vocal lowest common denominator; that should not mean the discussion shouldn’t exist. To the contrary, I feel that makes resolving this all the more important.


Why is this thread still open?

Imagine if Gamergate actually *was *about the declining integrity in the modern video game media and their gradual transformation from being actual news sources to being the PR wing for their friends? How awesome would that have been?

Wasnt this all started because her ex was butthurt she was cheating on him so he wrote the mother of all tl;dr crybaby ex blog posts

TECHNICALLY it started because she was cheating on her boyfriend, and taking dick from some nobody over at Rock Paper Shotgun, so he would give a good review for her trainwreck of a game. Congratz on fucking her way to mediocrity.