Zombie Apocalypse


It’s out. Go get it.


got it!


I tried it with the demo… Seemed ok, but not as fun as other twin stick shooters on PSN like Super Stardust HD… What’s more in the game that’s not in the demo that would make me buy it?


I rather wait for Dead Nation. That looks like an Isometric Left 4 Dead and has better music.


why not make a smashTV or total carnage remake?


Didn’t Acclaim take Smash TV with them to the grave?


Yeah, the demo seemed aight at best. Not worth droppin’ $10 on though IMO.


Has anybody tried Burn, zombie, Burn?

Zombie Apocaplypse was pretty fun, but the BZB looks a lot more cartoony fun.


BZB is terrible. It’s not even a dual stick shooter.