Zombie Shooter - Death Hospital ( Adrenaline Game )


There’re zombie games, and there are ZOMBIE GAMES.

Hello, survivor! Imagine this: you wamke up to find yourself in an old and dangerous hospital which is keeping the dead alive instead of saving lives! Do not worry, besides the guns that you have, there are items to help you that are scattered around. So, keep an
eye out! At the end of every mission you will be able to unlock boxes with loot inside it, they will either be guns, items, or survivors.

A good Zombie Game just got to have the key element that will leave all zombie fans with goosebumps. It’ll be a game that tells a good story, has decent graphics, a fresh idea, and something that will scare the living out of all the players.

Titles like…

Resident Evil 7 Biohazard
The Last of Us
The Walking Dead Telltale series
Are just a few names that the community knows is a good skin crawling, heart-wrenching, mind-boggling, and simply amazing.

And now I give you… Zombie Shooter – Death Hospital, an AR game that will surely bring the zombie craze directly to your phone.