Zone of the Enders HD Collection: New trailer+Releasing Late 2012


The games will be in 60FPS and in 1080p


Official site-

Kojima Productions interview-

Japanese releaste date is in October and the English release will be in Autumn at the earliest

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Good, I lost both of these at one point.


This looks pretty hype, can’t wait for this. When’s E3 again?




This game will be purchased day 1.


I expect no less then me slamming my controller hard against my lap as i cry kojima tears.


Has anyone ever given the versus mode a serious try? In ZOE 1 or 2.

I remember thinking it looked neat, but I don’t think I ever actually played it with anyone, and this was years before I had any concept of fighting game theory anyway.


I’ve always been interested in ZOE, just never tried them out.

Should probably get this soon-ish.

Uploaded with

this is a actual 3d model for the new upcoming zone of the enders game that is in such early production stage…there aren’t any screeenshots or actual cgi work yet.
its still in conceptual stage.

anywho,…seems like maybe the upcoming game’s mechas may be more biomechanical that robotic. which i prefer for this series to tell you the truth.

as for the re-release of ZOE 1 and 2 HD on the current consoles…they better have the opt to switch to jap voice dub coz that voice acting in ZOE2 american release was more painful than Anubus’s slashes.


rising, zoe hdc, zoe3

it is 2001 and i am 14 again


We already have a ZOE HD collection thread. D:


Yea i played it with my brothers. It’s fun but well over half the cast is useless considering they let you use Naked Jehuty and Perfect Anubis. It can’t be taken seriously on any kind of level. Just good for fucking around and having fun.

Yea. My nearly baseless theory is that this takes a good time after ZOE2 and the Metetron used to build Jehuty has become sentient. Nohman believed Metetron had a will of it’s own. You could easily spin that into the mineral literally bringing the mech to life.


Ah well I was trying to find it using Seach but it didn’t show up for me ^_^;


You know the real tragedy is that no one is talking about how the “new” Jehuty lacks the erect penis cockpit. For shame guys.


If Jehuty is alive it would have no need for the Cock pit. The mech looks preggers in one of the concept arts if that does anything for ya.


Why oh why can’t Capcom and SNK agree to make dat paypuh like Konami and re-release CvS2? Bless you Kojima, show 'em how to get that residual income.


New trailer from SDCC~


Yay…something I can put on the PS3’s at work without worrying about some parent complaining about naked animated flesh.


Haha they just upscaled the original ZOE2 Trailer, the one that became the intro for the game.

That’s cool tho, that trailers dope as hell.


Upscaled ZOE2 intro? I’m okay with this.