Zone-Sama Aproves Skullgirls (Time to Fap!)


Oh men, this is something good, i don’t watch much hentai but this animation is special.
I get the lucky for watch the flash animation of zone archive , and i think this is a 10/10 flash H animation
If you don’t know who is zone-sama, take a look:
In this forum is imposible post real flash or oficial page, but this is the preview into the ztv news (The flash release in August 21 of this year, preview in June and zone-tan only speak 10 sec of skullgirls)

Preview picture (ultra censored)


The flash game get some references too!

What do you think?

P.S: I don’t unloup porn into shoryuren, only create discution in the forum, please, don’t deleted or banned me, I censored so much for all people can comment ^^


Sorry but I’m going to have to lock this thread up purely because of the content.

No warnings mind you, but we’d like to keep things clean here (SENDMELINKSIMSURE)