Zoning a samurai?


I play against a A groove Haohmaru and Hibiki user. Since they have very long reach, I tried to zone them. But Haohmaru’s Lp and Mp have such a long reach that I can’t even get near him…So basically I get own there. On top of that, Hibiki’s QCF+P also have a amazing reach. He zoned me with theses attack whichs killed me. Someone plz help me out finding a counter strategy :stuck_out_tongue:

My team is:

A-groove: Akuma r1
Sakura r1
Bison r2


The whole point of zoning is so that u don’t really have to move in as much.

With Akuma-- do jumping back fireballs, low forwards,st. jabs, regular fieballs.
Sakura–Just do st. RH and fierce all day. RC some hadukens.
Bison-- cr. forwards, st. jabs, and cr./st.strong, st. forward, st. fierce for anti air.


thx, your always the one that answer my question :stuck_out_tongue:

I was wondering if I do st.jab, it wont reach him for sure…is it just a move for confusing the enemy or decoy?? If he manage to block it with Haohmaru, he will use forward HP which hurt alot O_o


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I answer alot of questions around here.

st. jab is just to make ur opponent come forward to uand maybe attack. Just block st. fierce and u can counter because of the slow recovery time.


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oh…that looks simple…ill try to practice. While we at it :smiley: , is bison’s mk a good poke??


Bison’s crouching MK is probably his best poke.


RC is a good help with those 2, if U can RC, just RC red fireball with Akuma, RC hurricane kick with sakura and RC scisore kick with bison after a couple of those they would not atack much because they now RC is coming ha ha…

Hope it helps…

sorry if I mispelled something I’m at work…