Zoning Help and Discussion

Zoning gets so little attention on here. Everything is about combos, mixups, and rushdown; there seems to be nowhere to go to get help with general zoning strategies, so I thought I’d create this thread - not just for my own purposes, but for the whole forum.

So, I’ve been having trouble with zoning. Basically, I just can’t figure out how to actually get it to work. I always get blown up by rushdown characters when I use my Dorm/Strange/Doom team.

I guess I generally understand it, but how does zoning work? What are some tactics to use to control space and keep your opponent out? What if both players are playing keepaway at the same time?

If you want some good examples of zoning you should check this set out:

To be honest, to me Dormammu’s not really strong in the Zoning department, as I know several characters who can strong-arm him in a shootout. It would be best using Doom to lead off if you wanna zone. As for your questions…

  1. Basically, Zoning works by you setting a perimeter and launching ranged attacks to make sure your opponent does cross that perimeter. If they do, either retreat or combo to get them back out.

  2. Tactics are mostly projectiles with projectile and/or trap assists. Or in Ghost Rider’s case, the max distance of his chain attacks with said assists.

  3. If both players are Zoning, look for chinks in their armor. Ex: Chris is powerful with his weapons, but can’t fire them straight forward when he’s in the air. Hawkeye, Deadpool and Tasky can take advantage of that with their projectiles.

It really depends on who you’re facing against. If you’re facing against teleporters, Zoning can sometimes be a bit useless and you will need to time your attacks/assists more carefully. What are your assists on your team in particular? Those matter a lot too. There’s a world of difference between Doom’s beam and Doom’s hidden missile.