Zoning vs Teleporters



How do you fight effectively against a teleporter as Deadpool? What I’m most interested in is, how can you punish the more common teleports (just reading when they are going to do it is easy enough, getting damage off the read is the part I’m having trouble with)? Additionally, if there is a safe way to continue projectile spamming without running the risk of getting teleport’d I would love to hear it, but in my experience as a Deadpool player I am forced to stop spamming jump back M guns and play much more patiently against them.

Obviously teleports are character-specific, and some are easier than others. Vergil for example I have little problem with, usually they just go behind you on the ground and spamming jab leads to a simple punish and free combo. The worst are Dorm and Dante. Dorm’s teleports are a nightmare to deal with since they put him both above and relatively far away, but still close enough to hit you with j.S or j.H. Dante just doing Hammer after every teleport is also very difficult to punish from what I’ve experienced.


After a while you will start to see/predict Dante Teleport. You can punish it with jump back grab. Then go into a very damaging combo from there.
I’m not to sure about Dorms teleport due to lack of match up exp.


A lot of the time you just do have to be more careful sadly. Some characters are pretty easy to deal with and the guns will actually hit them out of it anyway. If you are against a character that can teleport behind you though, it’s a bit trickier. I throw out the guns until I know they want to teleport. Then I start jumping backwards and pressing H on the way down usually. It’ll hit them on either side and leads into a fill combo easily. Dante is a bit harder to deal with I suppose. For him, I usually just dash away from him and then throw some more guns at him. His tp is always behind, so you can always get away from it if you’re quick enough. Just don’t dash under him or you’re gonna have a bad time.


what works for dante teleporting over your head with his sword other then blocking,Anything ?


Neutral jump throw, all Dante’s go crazy at that range with J.S and Hammers, but throws start up in 1 frame, which renders everything he does useless. And I have NEVER known any Dante to teleport and then throw.