Zoning with Kunais

i’m having a hard time zoning with ibuki, but i know her kunais could be used for nasty setups. any suggestions? option parry select?

I find myself doing kunais mostly in vertical jumps. Especially the ex version sense it combos. Im sure you know that Aruka uses kunais to zone a opponent in the corner. Mixing that with f + hk and such. As for setups there is one after a SA3 where you jump and throw a kunai on wakeup that crosses up. Never used it but looks ok.

Another one is after a AA c.fp > sjc forward use kunais to crossup. Not that solid but works if the distance is right.

Here are some kunai set ups i use.

  1. Close S.HK (launch), b + mp, hp, dp + lk. After the dp + lk take a couple steps back then jump over them, but throw a mp kunai before you get to the other side.

When you land they should be getting up and the kunai should be coming from the other side. The kunai crosses them up and you can start a combo or whatever. Its like in the video that fasterlight posted, but without having to use SAIII. Though they can quick roll.

  1. Close s.HK (launch), d+hp, SJC towards them and throw EX Kunais.

The EX kunais hits them from one side while you land on the other side where you can continue your offense. Its like the previous set up, but instead of a knockdown, its a reset. Be careful though because they can AA you, so mix it up.

  1. Opponent in corner Close s.HK (launch), b + mp, hp, dp + lp (flip move) --> EX Kunais when you are about to land.

After the HP you cancel into the flip move while the opponent is reseted. The opponents air born body prevents you from flipping towards the other side and when you throw the ex kunais it comes from the opposite side because of the properties of the flip. The ex kunai should have enough hit stun/block stun so you can continue your offense. If you see it hit you can combo into it, or launch them again. Also you can cancel the EX Kunais into SA1 for a chip damage kill. If you do this at the peak of the flip it prevents any AA even super. You can do this set up midscreen also, but it works best if the opponent is in the corner because its easier to avoid midscreen. Here is a video of this set up: [media=youtube]3S0OTvdlDWc"[/media]

  1. This last one is all about timing. After you’ve knocked an opponent down in the corner and if you are right next to the opponent you can jump straight up and throw a lp kunai.

Time the kunai to hit at their legs or feet as they are getting up (see the last part of previous video to see where the kunai should hit). This will force your opponent to block when they are standing or they get hit. If the opponent blocks high, you can hit them low with cr. lk into EX spinning kicks, if you are close enough you can substitute it for a raida. But i prefer the EX spin kicks. With this set up you can mix it up with empty jumps into throws or whatever you want.

Those are the ones i like to use sometimes.

thanks i’ll keep those in mind. i’ve already been using 4), but i need more kunai techniques to throw into the mix to keep them guessing. 1 through 3 i definitely have to try out. my problem is that i’m limited in kunai zoning to very few (but effective) techniques. shoto’s especially punish me if i keep abusing the same ones.