Zoning with Yamamzaki

How can I be effective in zoning with Yamazaki…?

s.hk (c.hk works good too, just dont use it too close)
qcb+mp or hp
qcb+k now and then, just for mix up and to build meter
s.mp when they jump in, knocks lots of shit out
dp+mp when you know their gonna block it, rapes guard meter
dp+k or hcb,f+p or B&B on wake up for mind games.

Cool thanks…I’ll try them out.

random interesting things:
don’t forget s.MK; yeah, you can’t combo off it, but it beats hella stuff on the ground.

far s.HP is nice since it has reach, it hits crouchers and it can be cancelled into specials and things. Note that s.HP xx DP+HP may whiff the first hit in a nasty way if you do it too far out, while s.HP xx QCB+HP will push you a good ways away from your opponent (which can be a good or bad thing). Also note that yama’s far s.HP is one of LEAST damaging fierces in the game: it does equal damage to Zangief’s s.MP!

remember that the QCB+P snake hand is a hittable limb, and so it’s going to get countered if they do some invincible move/projectile/RC/counter. You can make the snake hand safe if you RC it, though that’s not going to save you from Geese if he does a counter on it. A smart Blanka can try to counter your zoning just by repeated RC electricity, so rush him down! RC electricity isn’t going to save him from a Drill :slight_smile:

r u sure one time a blanka ball went right through my high counter

Geese will only whiff against RC ball if he RC’s himself.