is zoning even used in this game like in 4 or 2?


Zoning is used in every fighting game every made. Both 2D and 3D. Zoning in ST is not the same as 3S nor are they the same as SSFIV. The quickest and easiest way to find out how 3S is different from SFII or SSFIV is to simply play them and learn the basics on your own. You can’t simply reduce the zoning mechanics in every SF game down to a few sentences and expect to have a comprehensive or even basic understanding of them. Instead of asking about 3S you should actually play it first and try to answer your own question rather than having others do your homework.


i play on the regular but its like zoning aint working so far


Third Strike is more of a “close up” type of game. If you’re trying to spam fireballs the way you can in SF2/4, well, let’s just say you’re doing your opponent a BIG favor trying that in this game.


Dunno if anyone’s seen this, good zoning techniques here:



Flamebaiting the 3S forums got old years ago. I guess I’ll report this to a moderator later.


Bars and Hooks is actually a true 3S player (and a really good one at that) but I agree that he did troll.

zoning is definitely a part of 3S. 3S gives you the options to do basically whatever you want (zone, footsie, be offensive, be defensive, both, JUMP, etc) IF and only IF you get good enough to do it.



shut the fuck you fucking idiot. Be glad we are even getting posts in these god forsaken forums. GTFO of here. Jesus Christ.

Why not try explaining what you mean by zoning, sir op. I don’t believe you know what you are talking about and want us to feed your ego by actually replying to you.

I play the same “zoning” game in every single fighter I play. The only thing that changes is the hit boxes to the normals I use for zoning my opponents out.


Before you bust a vein, this person isn’t asking for help; not listing his character, who he is fighting against, what situation and the coup de grace; referencing Street Fighter 2 and 4. Has your troll detection fallen that low? It’s like me waltzing in the MvC2 forums and demanding why I can’t combo or call assists like in TvC. What do you think the reaction there would be? I can only imagine.

Yeah, I know 3S has zoning. But a topic like this is just basic flamebaiting.


oh, I thought you were responding Barsx100, since he sent that fake video.

I understand what you mean by the thread starter. It seems like this topic could get ugly BUT it is at least in the 3S forum. If it were somewhere else it WOULD get ugly BUT here it is ok because whoever comes in here and argues AGAINST 3S in the 3S forums is the obvious troll.




I wasn’t exactly offering my help.


Nobody likes a snitch.


not really, just like really lost on this whole thing