Zootopia (new Disney movie)

I bet you guys would have never guess I’d make a topic like this. I’m just full of surprises.



The theater was dying when they showed the Sloth preview to this when we went to see Star Wars. If it’s consistently on that level it’ll be a huge hit.

When you can get my dad to consider going to a theater for an animated movie you’ve done something right.

This does actually seem super legit, I’m interested.

Not gonna lie, that sloth skit did make things more interesting.

I’ll give it a go. Might take my kid to this since he loved Wreck it Ralph and BH6.

I fear this will inspire a new generation of furries…

Just like the early 80s and 90s where literally everything was anthro.

What do you call a slow SJW?


A slothkin :neutral:

That sloth trailer was hilarious when I saw it. I’m sold.

Dis gon’ be gud (the movie. not neurotic people whining about potential furries). I expected Shakira’s song (Try Everything) to be more up-tempo, though.

The Zootopia movie looks like it’s gonna be another legendary Disney classic. And like everyone has said. That sloth trailer is gold. Oh and this vid sums up every pokemon debate


Won’t say too much, but the story is very similar to Wreck It Ralph.
The premises is more or less the same and it follows some of the same traits and humor.

So yeah, if you enjoyed Wreck It Ralph, chances are you’ll enjoy this film.

LOL at the YouTube comments crying about this being furry appeal/fan service. Although there are a couple of comments mentioning how hot the rabbit is and how they wanna do her. But those comments could just be bait.

Kinda meh on this, but I’ll probably end up seeing it.

(I saw the sloth trailer as the one preview I apparently saw all of when I was late to see The Good Dinosaur. I thought it dragged a bit too long, but that’s arguably appropriate.)

Anyway, this movie seems like a show in to do well even before I saw the official trailer just now between it being Pixar, marketed at (almost) all ages, and people generally being able to like anthropomorphized animals without having to be “furries”. I laughed more than I expected at the parody ads and the Italian polar bear mobsters, especially when one of them did the sign of the cross complete with forlorn skyward look.

That said, there’s going to be so much horrible Rule 34 of that poor rabbit–probably with the fox–before this movie even drops. Ugh.

Sloths would be the type of animal working a bureaucratic job.

“Going to be”? Try “is”.

Yeah those dudes are lighting fast. As soon as something that makes for good material surfaces. They on that shit within 24hrs

Hey, I was trying to be uncharacteristically optimistic because I was also trying not to think about it.

Thanks, asshole.

The movie would be cooler as a show, but it should be a fun buddy cop movie for kids.

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