Zot Zone is closed for good. UCI Players Club

Thats right fellas, UCI closed as of 1 hour ago so I figure it was time for a new thread. GGZ playas. Ace (drunk) and I played the last game of cvs2. Ace’s Posse > me. Tagging zz owns for lief. YB^2 rocks. today was the best zz day ever. no hate. all fun.

ANYWAYS. New thread because shit’s all closed down. we gotta have gatherings and peoles places. Anytime u guys wanna play some T5 im almost always down. catch yall on the flipside of the break.

like i said in the other thread, we’re down for cvs2 and 3s at my friends house either friday or saturday.

i’m a hustla homey, nigga ask about me

We had some great times guys. Especially the Marvel crew. Good bye all. Glad I at least got to discover my new CvS team before this place bailed.

I’m still in the stage of denial and i’ll see y’all at the ZZ tomorrow

i’ll be at zz today too. :sad:

Throwback thursday was dope yo, everyone busting out their OLD ass teams, marcus owns everyone’s old shit with parry => throw, hahaha. MAD R4 blankas, terry n ryu and zagief n shiet everywhere. that was hella fun. marcus’ p-kim, morrigan fucking rocks the shit.

i want to play cvs2 today. i’m willing to drive to irvine…

our friend qwa gets off lent on sat, so we’re gonna have cvs2 on sat for sure(not sure who’s showing up though), but you’re welcome to come on saturday.

i guess you can come tonight, but no one made plans tonight, and i’m not sure if i’m gonna stay home tonight, yet…

hit me up on aim…

EDIT: i don’t know why but sometimes i make really weird errors.

“i guess you can come tonight, but no one made plans tonight, and i’m not sure if i’m not sure if i’m gonna stay home tonight, yet…”

where you guys playing? and will there be 3s?

when i get back, tekken 5 night at my place. Seriously though, we can go to the community center and play on the big plasma screens they have over there (they already have ps2s over there for use)

cvs2 bumrush allen’s place tomorrow night gogogogogogogo

Am I invited, dentfriend?


i live in one of the apartments near campus. no one plays 3s when they come over, even though my roommate plays 3s like a god, he’s never playing 3s in our apartment.

so far…

beans, nam, jesse, and eugene are confirmed to be showing up. i told david, but i forgot what he said.

i only have 5 chairs for holdem :frowning:

goddam… what time is everyone coming?

i get out of class at 4… im debating whether or not to go straight from class or to go home first, since Pomona is slightly closer than Riverside is to Irvinizzle.

YES!! i didnt know you played t5

zot zone closed? oh no. :sad:

I regret not going to zz on throwback thursday… where will you guys be going to now?

random how it closed when i wanted to go there, being that its about 10 minutes from my house.

So when are people going to throw it down. Im down for whatever. Even though i dont know any of u people except jay and kai but its all good.

we’ll probabaly go to people’s houses or rfc if we’re feelin crazy. ya’ll are gonna have to wait for me to come back from the nc.