Zsnes + linksys wireless router anyone?

for those who have gotten zsnes to work via internet with a linksys wireless router, under which menu do i go, and what do i put specifically? the names on here vary from the ones in that link


that is found in the zsnes online sticky.

is it under port forwarding or port triggering or what?



help please :wonder:

Hopefully you will not be playing via wireless connection… :wink:

Anyhoo, http://zbattle.net/faq.htm.

In the Port range forwarding menu, make one entry for each of the following:

starting 7845 ending 7845 UDP
starting 4398 ending 4398 TCP
starting 4000 ending 4000 TCP

Enter your ip address at the end (i.e. if your IP address is, then enter 105 in the last box). If you don’t know your IP address, click start->run, type “cmd”, hit enter, at command prompt type “ipconfig”. The first value (192.168.1.xxx) will be your local IP address, as assigned by your router.

Click apply after entering each line, then click save at the bottom. You don’t have to enter anything in the “application” field, as it is there strictly for reference.

THANK YOU! after almost a year…I’m BACK

ok i’m pretty sure I have it done on my end. does the other person need to have theirs set up too in order to play, or only the host? i have had my friend connect to me and it says “client found”, but never goes to the chat window.

over a year trying and i still can’t rock that shit.

i got the same problem as CDS01

on an offnote… why would you have mulitple windows of FF running, when there’s the CTRL+T feature? it’s not IE

damn… lame. well i will try with a few other people i suppose.

i just open multiple windows cause that’s what i’m used to. ie has tabbed browsing now also, but i probably wouldn’t use those either. i’ll come around though, i’m sure.