ZSS has nice tilts discussion thread

Discuss ZSS here.

-So who loves her dash attack. It has pretty much no stopping animation so it links into EVERYTHING, up tilt, jabs, down tilt…etc.
-Jabs are great. Even though 3rd jab is blockable. If you dash at the right distance, you can lift them up a little bit to get all 3 jabs right afterwards. Its possible to dash-jabx3-dash-jabx3…
-Up B spikes. Have to aim with the tip of the whip.
-Forward B seems slow but has good range. It has 2 hitboxes. One at the beginning of the whip and one decently large box at the end.
-UpAir can be used to juggle. Fair and Bair are good, but for some reason its hard for me to connect with.

Overall I think shes a decent character. Don’t think shes top tier or even high mid tier. But shes fun to play.

Up air is slightly hard to connect at times from what Ive seen. wonders…

She’s REAL fast and has some nice reach with her whip-thingy. He Down+A is fast and a nice way to drop down really quickly when you get sent flying. Anybody else use her Down+B as a recovery?

Its actually possible to use Up air as a “land” attack against taller characters. It works pretty well actually and its a whole lot easier to connect with that than the FAir.

The FAir animation stops as soon as you touch the ground, so you don’t get the second kick in. BAir is easier to connect with on the ground and can kill.

Easier to perform if you turn off the “joystick up to jump” option in controller config.

Her down B can be pretty crazy sometimes. Press A or B right after you down B, and you do this weird little kick that has crazy priority and invincibility frames. It can also spike if you hit with the right part of her body.

I would only use down b to recover against characters with short range Up attacks. Her Up B whip just has such a great range, I think its just better to use that to recover.

Her up B is also very useful in edge hogging for situations where both of you are returning to the edge.

Has any one played around with landing her down smash? I notice it does a stun similiar to her charged B, is it possible to chain together stuns to rack up damage?

Also, does any one have a follow up they like to do when you stun someone? I’ve been dashing up, uB, jump, neutral air, but I’m not really finding this to be fulfilling.

Down smash has same stun time as a charged shot I think. The stun time doesn’t stack. If you down smash twice, you knock them out of the stun and does damage.

You have enough time to do a fsmash after stun. So I usually just do that if they are high damage.

One possible combo that I’ve done is:
dash attack - > utilt - > uair - > jump + up b (this will spike them down) - > dair

Her dash attack is a great combo starter. Same with dtilt.

When you initate the dash attack will determine where the opponent will end up after you hit them. Try to initate the dash attack a little bit earlier and you’ll be able to jab twice ot three times right after you dash. It will still work at high damage.

Jabbing after dash is always good to do because it comes out pretty much immediately, and against characters with slower shield grabs, you can avoid a shield grab.

I’m not at home now, but you reminded me that up B pulls them back down. Would it be possible to do something like:
dash attack -> utilt -> uB -> down smash -> utilt -> uB -> down smash?

I’m not sure if the stun will work again, or if you can combo a down smash after the uB. I assume they can roll away once they hit the ground, but I’m curious to know if this works.

As far as her dair, does it always go straight down regardless of hit? She doesn’t bounce or stop movement at all? I’ve only gotten to play around with her a short while, so I’m not 100% up to speed on all her stuff.

uB -> down smash is a bit iffy. Do you mean down smash as soon as they get up? I don’t think it stuns them if they are on the ground.

But if you can time it while they get up, I think it will work.

Dash attack -> utilt -> ub is the safest combo IMO at low damage. UAir after the utilt doesn’t work on all characters and any attacks after that are iffy at best.

The Dair goes straight down. It doesn’t stop like sonics. It does have a tiny angle to it BTW. Whats great about it is that it will hit twice and pop the opponent up. What sucks about it is that the recovery time after Dair is pretty long and not L-cancelable. If you miss, you can get really punished for it.

ZSS’ playstyle is what people are calling “pillaring”. Her best attacks launches opponents up and the Up B pulls them back down. Her attacks sometimes will amount to series of vertical movements.

Since her up attacks are so important, I really suggest turning off the “joystick up to jump” option in controller configurations.

Another great thing to practice is her up B spike. It is very possible to spike opponents returning to the edge. However, one caveat is that since her spike reaches up, your opponent is usually pretty high in the air already. If your opponent has relatively low dmage (less than 80-90 dmage), most characters will have time to recover and hog the edge, making you fall to your death.

Down smash stuns for longer. B has the range.

Has anyone actually used the “taunt trick” to transform into ZSS? I can’t do it for shit.

Mash that shit down, seriously. Like, as fast as you can. Using two fingers may help.

She can KO better than Samus, which is freaking assbackwards.

Oh and her short hopped stun laser is good to use, the lag is canceled.

yeah you gotta use two fingers and just mash that shit.

The transformation is too slow and hard to do to effectively use during battle imo. Could be used right after you KO someone maybe.

I was messing around with her down B and then A after and it seems to beat alot of others air games. I was also using it as a crossup, only used it against stupid people so I dont know if it has any real use.

Only combos that i have found thats reliable are:
Downsmash, Downsmash, Foward Smash.
Up tilt, jump up A, up B (May have to DI during your jump A in whatever direction your opponent does)

Need more combos!

Just your basic dash attack -> jabx2 is a great combo. Its pretty much my bread and butter dmg combo.

At low damages, you can do a dash attack -> dtilt to pop them up to do a uair. Only works against characters with slower attacks though.

Her grab comes out too slow to reliably shield grab. I suggest to pivot grab when possible.

Try to always use forward+b (whip attack) while landing. It doesn’t cancel the animation when you land, but its more unexpected and you get to move right after you land. Forward+b is also great at hitting recovering opponents. Try to hit them right as they try to grab the edge.

I tested it out in training mode and you can land a down smash after uB. It stuns. My “combo” I’ve been using is: utilt, uB, dsmash, throw -> back throw (I think it’s the backwards one, I know it’s not forwards, and I think down makes them go too high. Maybe it’s up. I can’t remember, but if you use the right one, the next attack will hit), dB -> tap a or b.

I only tested this out in training for a few minutes, I have a feeling that a human opponent could recover after the uB but I could be wrong. As far as the throw, I honestly can’t remember which I did, but it worked very well because the dB -> a/b hit afterwards, and that move feels like a damn good “killing” move. It also spikes depending on where it hits, so if you threw them off the side you can spike them down and then recover.

regular B kind of sucks right now, unless it stuns people in air who are trying to recover. Down smash seems to have the same stun as a full charged B. Also, you can get a hit or two during the stun as long as it doesn’t have properties that move the opponent (I think you can AA, but you’re better off probably smashing, throwing, or doing something else). At low damage it seems possible to do: utilt, uB, down smash, utilt, uB, down smash -> throw, but like I said, I have a feeling that a human could get off the ground after uB. Is there a way to set the training dummy to recover from it?

Two down smashes in a row doesn’t work. They’re “immune” to the second smash. It completely whiffs.

She feels awesome to play. I just wish she had a little more control over her spike, since it will be hard to edge guard with it like other characters with dair tilt.

b can stun people in the air, but it gives them new jump, so not really useful for recovering opponents.

hmm so down b will stun after up b? I’ll have to try that. Could be pretty powerful. Definately adds to her pillaring abilities.

Yeah it just feels so good when a forward b hits.

The up b spike is hard to pull off. You really have to judge their distance really well when they come back. I have maybe a 50/50 success rate with it against computer. But it is possible to up b right at the edge, without jumping and spike them down sometimes. Up B goes straight up, but it whips around left to right a little bit, enough to get an opponent on the side of the whip.

I was talking about dB -> a/b spiking after a throw off the edge. Try it, it’s pretty sick. I didn’t perfect the angle, but it seems like the majority of the time if they’re underneath you then they’re getting spiked.

yo no offence you guy’s but trust me i have a crew member main samus and let me tell she is defenatly top tier material. she has fast tilts crazy comboes, amazing range, great priority, a stun gun!!! taht comboes into shit as well as a crazy recovery. She can also crawl to add insult injury. Try playing her offline her stun comboes are easier to land because there’s no lag to screw up the stun frames. Oh and before i forget her of her suit have too much knockback one of my crew members got killed jsut because she gets the items first