Zune 120

Gonna by this tomorrow from Walmart. I’m looking forward to getting it, and maybe even the zune pass feature. That’s a feature where I get unlimited downloads for $15 a month. Catch, well, I lose my music once I cancel subscription.


Anyone want to encourage/discourage from getting?

I think the unit is great overall, especially with the new “radio tagging” function.

Yeah, I think that’s a dope ass addition. And the harddrive size, mmm.

I’ve got a $50 gift card that I want to burn on this. Besides this, my next major purchase is going to be a netbook, preferably the one being released by Samsung this month.

Then, maybe I can start tricking out the interior of my crappy car… ugh.

sounds cool.

don’t like the look of it as much as 80, but 120gb is nice!

Well, I’ll be enjoying the new features through the firmware update on my 80…but if I ever need more space, I know what I’m going to get.


There is a huge risk now with buying 120gb Zunes!!!

Dead Pixels!!!

This is my 5th 120gb Zune I have to return because they all have DEAD PIXELS, and I returned it from 4 different Best Buys!!!

I never had a problem with my old 30gb and 80gb, but this is driving me nuts!!

I’m a huge Zune fan, but this is just getting way out of hand!

If the 5th return I’m going to do has the same Dead Pixel problem, I’m calling Microsoft!!!

I’m not the only one either, I read on different boards that many buyers are experiencing the same Dead Pixel Zune problem, and the vid that fixes that problem doesn’t work!

Microsoft fucked up big time with the 120gb Zune!

if you have a good handful of foreign music, like music with japanese or other unicode, dont buy the zune. It wont display and you’ll just get squares.

The Zune itself does support unicode and you can load the proper fonts to make it work with russian or japanese song titles, but it’s not officially supported by MS yet. Very annoying. But, since the system does use Unicode, at least it’s highly likely they’ll add support for that at some point. And when a new Zune comes out with foreign language support, all the other zunes will get it too.

Overall, I’ve been enjoying my new zune (an itty bitty 4 gig) for the past month. ZunePass + wifi is great for when you’re around the house. You can just stream an endless supply of music from the zune marketplace via wifi. Don’t even have to bother with downloading it. Radio tagging seems to work alright as long as the station includes a useful tag. A lot of stations will tag songs with the station name or something stupid like that. It can prevent the tagging from getting results. And most of the music on the marketplace is plain MP3 format if you ever do look to buy it, so that’s respectable as well.

And, if you are a fan of homebrew, there are games all over the place for the Zune programmed in XNA. I ported the fighting game engine I’m working on to it and with very little optimization it runs about 30fps with minimal graphics. The engine is programmed for the desktop so I was impressed with its performance. I also through together a little battleship style game with simple graphics and it runs around 60fps.

Even the defualt games it came with worked well, I was suprised.

i would say go for it
you can save money on the zune pass
if you split the costs with two other
friends, and you get free wi-fi at mcdonalds

The software is shit

5th Return, same fucking shit!!!

I’m sending it to Microsoft, its their fault they screwed up in the first place!!

Is anybody here having the same problems with the 120gb Zune involving Dead Pixels?

So, I got it today and it’s really nifty. I have been reading on the internet that the hardware has been giving people a lot of issues such as crashing and not starting up. The dead pixels would def. warrant a return. Is this instantaneous after opening the box (dead pixel) or is it over time?

Also, side question: How exactly is the best way to put videos on the zune? I have some anime on my computer that I want to put on there. Do I have to do anything weird or can I just use the zune software?

I spoke too fucking soon :mad: As I’m explaining my cool device to my gf and telling her about the dead pixel problem, she points out a dead pixel… :rofl:

Ugh, it’s only one but since I know it’s there its annoying! I can deal with only ONE dead pixel, but if there’s more then i’m taking it back for an exchange.

you should probably take it back then, i have the zune 30
and i have no problems with it, this must be a problem with
the 120 only

They obviously made a bad batch and passed it at that. Tsk, Tsk. You know, I wouldn’t mind keeping it because it’s so small, BUT… I paid $310 (w/ warranty) for this device, for it to not be PERFECT out the box.

It’s a Dead Pixel epidemic!!!

I mind because I watch movies on my Zune, and those dead pixels are annoying as hell!

I’m surprised there isn’t any news about Microsoft screwing up on the first shipment.

Oh yeah, that crashing thing, it’s not the Hardware, its the new Firmware that Microsoft screwed up as well. When I updated my 80gb Zune to the new Firmware, the Zune ended up crashing everytime I press the “Play” option on the song on random times.

It’s happening to everyone.

I’m not sure if they fixed it yet.

I have an 80GB Zune and haven’t had any problems yet with the new firmware.

Sounds like DRM’d music and thats not good. Wal-mart recently found out that you dont get paid to keep your DRM servers up so they shut them down, leaving people that actually bought music legally out in the cold.
If you want to support the groups you listen to, buy a t-shirt or something else that will benefit them and download your music.
I wouldnt recommend DRM’d music to my worst enemy. Avoid at all costs.

I got the 80 gig one and have had no problems with it. I’d recommend getting it over the 120 as it comes with really good earbuds as opposed to the generic ones the 120gb one comes with.

Most of the music is plain MP3. I’ve only searched the Zune marketplace a few times but I never found DRMed music. I think there’s some there, but they are moving away from it.

If you get the ZunePass it’s different though. That music is DRMed because its the subscription model. Pay monthly and have as much music as you want, including streaming music to the Zune off the internet.