Zune 120

dont mean to derail the thread but has anyone purchased the new Archos 5?

I’ve never even heard of Archos 5. Will check it out though.

you must be kidding


i have a Zune 30gb for 2 years and no problems at all
but since i installed the new firmware with games, my zune have been freezing like crazy! it’s so annoying!
i have to Hard Restart the zune Holding down, Back Button and Up Arrow for 5 Sec.
Hope they fix this issue

I had an old old old Archos 20 gig back in the day. I loved it while it worked but it kinda took a dive after a while and kept crashing and then just wouldn’t start :[

Resetting a Zune only requires holding the back and up buttons.

I took the zune back to Best Buy and got my money back. I had enough of the problems and didn’t see the point in keeping it.

I have an 80gb and it works fine but when I updated to the latest firmware I have to reset and the timer for the songs doesn’t eclipse. whats up with that

Got my zune 80 last year and now after updating to 3.0 spec, I’ve experienced my first problem. The damn thing froze on me at work. I had to wait another 9-hours until I got home to figure out how to reset it. If it happens again…

mine now does that too…otherwise, the update is great

Yeah, I hate the software myself. I use the alternative method to sync my Zune/music, MediaMonkey. MM makes life so much easier. The only bad thing is that you can’t update your Zune to 3.0 (which I refuse to do anyway). I have a 30GB Zune on 2.50 firmware.

What firmware does the 120GB Zune come with? Also the the 80GB if anyone can tell me.

any update on this?

anyone also have their songs sometimes go into chipmunk mode (sped up and high pitched) either at the beginning of playback or after unpausing?

I talked to the Zune reps and they noticed there is a problem with the Firmware freezing and stuff. They are working on it.

But they didn’t knew was about the Dead Pixel issue, and they are going to look into that.

They said they fixed my 120 Zune, and I should be getting it back at the end of this week or Monday.

Anyone know of a *good software program for converting videos to zune format? i.e., i’ve got some .mov files that I want to convert to zune format.

I actually use PSP9 for my Zune videos. Very noob friendly. Just lots of adverts.


All you should need is a .MOV to .MP4 converter… I’d recommend one, but I don’t watch videos on my Zune 80GB.

Thanks, i’ll try this later on today.