Tourney was pretty dope, i’ll be there next week to :encore:

good shit to bill, pozzle, & DUCJR/SR

Good shit Potter/DucSR/Bill. Show NY a good time.

da fuck no one givin out the 4-1-1 on this tourny

what every body really wona know was it REALLY DAT JUICY BAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY BAH???

yea potter shit was fuckin thumpin you seen me getting that shit hyped up =P haha but yea ill b deyr next week to prolly jus to watch mayb if i have money GG’s to JAY potter Justin K my sonson homie xP ducjr reset and dominic oh and cant forget mike ross his santhrax made me say “MIKE GOODNESS!”

good shit to the dips
and DUO !? hes back in the scene?

Who’s that?

Da Snowman.

Oh, fa sho.

Who’s that.