Good Fuckin Shit Bill!

good shit BILL!

Dang there was a tourney today? I would have liked to attend if i knew… (never look on camelot thread) XD
but none the less congrats to the placers.

Is there a tourney next thurs? If so mm’s/team mm’s?


i posted on monday. It was short notice, only like 12-14 ppl entered, but you guys should def hold another one next week. Kai + duc jr. could hold it down.

p.s. Bill = Mr. Postman also Mr. Toastman…A! A! A! A!

damn crazy. well man good shit.
california love <3

OH MAN. Bill holding it down. YOU THAT DUKE. We need to get some more games in ASAP AAAAAAAAAAA!

whats good bill? oh wait u are

<3 the dips :slight_smile:

good shit bill. you and cumbo were grinding for that cake. hahaha.

it was fun in cvs2 casuals also. FUCK YOU WATSON…always making me work my way to victory with only 001 seconds on the cvs2 timer. hahaha

got my hoes in da back sellin crack…sellin all kinda drugs round dis bitch…

=( i wish i went, man i miss cali. sigh

mr thanos demitriosis of kyneto springs