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Wtf why am I jailed? Preppy, eat the blackest part of my ass.

drizzt360 wrote: »

Man…who the mothfucka that made this thread. Ima find you and blast on you. Bitch ass nigga you done gone to far. Im killin’ you.

Boel wrote: »

phantom angel the kinda guy that eats a roll of dental floss so that he can slowly come to a shuddering climax as he pulls it out his ass

Kromo wrote: »

How can rick ross complain about animal abuse? Your stomach is an animal graveyard. If we were to cut open your belly right now, we’d find bones of previously undiscovered species of small animals.

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fishjie wrote: »

I don’t understand why religious discussion is not allowed on SRK

We can’t talk about religion because Orochizoolander would suicide bomb Evo if you were to talk badly about Muslims.
Orochizoolander the type of Muslim to be 50th in line to rape a bitch at a refugee camp